Unlocking Opportunities with the Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar

On Friday 1 March, top performing Year 11 students from across Scarborough are being invited to attend the College’s Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar Day, a gateway to unlocking their full academic potential.

For over 120 years, Scarborough College has provided a first class education for deserving students in the area who demonstrate obvious academic potential. As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering talent and reaching out to the local area, the College holds two scholarship events each year – the Scarborough Scholar (Years 7-9) and the Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar (Year 11) – offering scholarships to those who achieve standout results.

The Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar Day is designed to showcase the range of opportunities available at Scarborough College. The day will feature two assessments followed by an interview with our upper school teaching team. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where students will have the chance to interact with our current cohort, explore our modern facilities, and eat lunch in our Sixth Form cafe – a literal taster day of the vibrant academic life at Scarborough College.

At Scarborough College, our Sixth Form students thrive in the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which is unique in the local area. To explain the differences between the IBDP and A Levels, and to offer insights into the Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar initiative, we have prepared a guide to the IB, which you can view and download

If you would like to register to attend the Sixth Form Scarborough Scholar day, please do so by using our application page. In addition to the registration form, we will also require the student’s latest school report, GCSE grade predictions, and a brief reference from the school.

A word from our students 

The IBDP is a very different system to A Levels, ensuring that students take a broader range of subjects up to pre-University level. We asked some of our former IBDP students to give their opinions on the qualification. 

Why the IB? 

Ivan: “I could gain more advantages from doing the IB, for example in my writing skills. People still don’t know how to cite in university. However, having done the IB I already have experience in how to do this, giving me an advantage over many other students.” 

How does the IB prepare for academic life? 

Megan: “Very well I would like to think. Time management is super important in balancing all the work and coursework at university and I learnt many of these skills whilst doing the IB. Many universities have a six module structure (mine does) and so the IB six subjects almost creates perfect practice for this.” 

Is the Diploma Programme flexible in terms of choosing your course? 

Hattie: “I wanted to do Graphic Design originally and changed my mind at the last minute. Because I had Geography as a higher level subject, it was no problem to switch to apply for a Geography degree.” 

If you had to give advice to someone starting the IBDP? 

Chris: “Your learning style will need to be more active than GCSEs. Show that you understand your subject rather than just remembering it.”



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