Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge is a skills based course which is a compulsory core subject worth up to three extra core points (when combined with their Extended Essay grade). Tok aims to help students become independent, confident critical thinkers which will help them in all of their IB subjects and beyond. Students explore the complexity of knowledge across a range of disciplines and themes, e.g. the Natural and Human Sciences, the Arts, etc.

The course is structured around a Knowledge Framework which focuses on the value of knowledge, perspectives, methodology and ethical considerations. This may include a closer study of knowledge with technology, language, politics, religion and indigenous communities. The Tok course raises knowledge questions around concepts such as evidence, truth, interpretation, culture and values. It provides students with an awareness of how the theory of knowledge impacts the world today, from both a personal and academic perspective. Lessons include discussions, group activities, real life situations, evaluation tasks and practise writing tasks to help prepare students for two assessments (an exhibition and an essay)

  • To develop critical thinking and reflection skills
  • Encourage students to be aware of the different types of bias within all knowledge
  • To be aware of the limitations of personal and shared knowledge
  • To develop the skills needed to produce a structured and balanced, analytical essay
  • To encourage students to be open minded and respectful towards different cultures and religions
Syllabus and Assessment

Year 12 – TOK Exhibition

Students select a knowledge question from a list of 35. They choose 3 objects (various options) to connect with their prompt. They will display their work and discuss it with an audience. They will also produce a 900 word internal assessment which is marked by the teacher and moderated by the IB.

Year 13 – TOK Essay

Students select one title from a selection of 6 published IB essay titles. They have to write a 1600 word essay which centres on knowledge questions. This is externally marked.


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