The Scarborough College ECO Committee

The ECO Committee have worked with real enthusiasm to make Scarborough College more ecologicall aware.  After many meetings, important decisions and several brand new initiatives, the team feel it is time to share their progress with the whole school.  Mrs Mel D’Eath keeps us up-to-date in this blog entry.

Eco team

Three topics
In recent months, the team have worked on three main topics.  The topics are energy, litter and recyling.  Light monitors have been installed in the Prep School and all the pupils have taken on the responsibility to switch off any classroom lights when the room is empty.  The poster competition, held in the Spring Term, reminds everyone to switch their lights on and off.  The ECO Committee would like to congratulate Maartje (Year 4) and Hugo (Year 6) for winning the Light! competition.  Their winning entries, are available in A4 and A5 sizes.  Teachers can hang the posters in their classrooms.

Eco Committee

In the category Litter!, the Committee would like to congratulate Nancy (Year 3) for the winning entry.  This ‘use the bin for your litter’ posts is available for all the classrooms.  The ECO Team is also organising a litter pick in the Summer Term.  In conjunction with Keep Scarborough Tidy and Friends of South Cliff Gardens we will be picking litter on Thursaday 7 June.


As highlighted in The Owl, the team have set up a mini recycle centre in the Science Block.  The items we are recycling are not your usual items.  They include pens, stamps, water filters and disposable gloves.  We use these items to support a local charity, Ellie’s Fund.  Ellie’s Fund supports research into brain tumours.  The recycle centre is also a collection point for used batteries.  The team their first large basket of these to Scarborough Resource Centre yesterday.  Our recycle centre is under the main staircase in the Science Block.


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