Summer Term 2023 Celebration Assembly

Thank you to staff Departing

Thank you to Mrs Elliot and Dr Thomas, who joined us in January in the wake of the upset caused by Mr Wilson’s illness. In Business and Psychology, respectively, they have provided outstanding support to the classes they have taught.

Thank you to Miss Briggs who has worked at the College for two years now.  She initially assisted in the Health Centre and then, this year, worked as a TA in Year 7.  She has supported our pupils wonderfully and we look forward to seeing her thrive on her new course that she undertakes in September.

Thank you to Mr Galligan.   may only have been here for one year but he has been an inspirational teacher to many of you and we wish him well at Stonyhurst College.

Thank you to Mrs Gething who has been Head of EAL for two years and with us for four years. Whether in MFL, English or EAL academic classes, she brings an amazing sense of calm and a huge degree of professionalism.  She has been meticulous in her planning and commitment to Scarborough College and we wish her well as she journeys across the Pennines to spend the next phase of her life in Manchester. 

Mr and Mrs Harvey step down from their house parenting roles next week after a combined total of over fifty years in boarding.  For the last eight years, they have been the linchpin within the College’s boarding team as houseparents in Bankory and Weaponness, whilst Mr Harvey was also Head of Boarding for two years.  The warmth of their care will have been experienced by many of you and was epitomised in the summer of 2020 when the first lockdown took place.  They remained at their post with a small number of boarders who had been unable to get home and looked after the pupils as though they were members of their family.  We wish them a restful retirement from boarding although they both will remain in school in the Science department.

Mr Fraser, aka the gaffer, has been a long standing and highly respected member of the staff and senior management team. His outstanding teaching and quiet authority have combined to serve countless pupils well, particularly in Biology but also on many sports fields, as a committed football and cricket coach particularly.  Mr Fraser is what some might call a true ‘schoolmaster’ and our loss will certainly be Harrow in Shanghai’s gain.  We wish him the very best of luck and look forward to his regular visits back to Scarborough in the years to come.

Lyke Wake Walk

Half-walk Winners

David Amram, Sibelle Baza, Elliot Burnley, Jázmin Fazekas, Emma Lawson, Sara Lützenkirchen, Eloise Muller, Holly Neuschäfer, Patricia Nistor, Luise Rudloff, Pun Veeraphan and Charlie Walker


Full-walk Winners

Lily Blythe, Olivia Clegg, Louie Freeman, Vincent Gotthelf, Fatoumatta Jabbie, Jalamba Jabbie, Tomos Jenkyn Jones, Anton Kaiser, Hana Khan, Jonah Kressin, Henri Lamboy, Paul Xaver Litzlbauer, Daniel Pinkney, Juliette Schulten, Maisy Smith, Jacob Taylor-Burks, Paeng Thongkue, Simon Zagorska, Lorenz Prinz zu Bentheim und Steinfurt


Bronze Award: Ashani Datt, Malachi Jenkinson and Guy Marshall

Silver Award: Hannah Smith

Headmaster’s Commendations

Paula Friemann and Sinah Fabig for excellent help throughout the year during the EP German for KS3 and KS4

Libby Ashurst, Alice Overfield, Connie Overfield and Olivia Smallwood for being kind and caring, supporting the younger pupils

Hayden Lawry for outstanding support of and exemplary buddying for new pupils

Academic Reports

Lower Sixth

Elliot Burnley, Maisy Smith, Juliette Schulten, David Amram and Johanna Benavides Sosa for consistent good attitude and hard work

Harry Cammish, Ingrid Yeung, Tamara Jacobs and Josie Sample for Consistent hard work in IB Literature

Vincent Gotthelf and Sibelle Baza for brilliant independent essay writing

Will Cooney for progress IB Lang and Lit


Year 10

All members of Yr 10 Set 1 English who produce consistently good work and are a pleasure to teach

Fran Hudson & Charlie Sutcliffe for Academic achievement

Amber Scott, Joe Swann, Timothy Yu and Josh Atkinson for ommitment to learning and effort

Kevin Cao for superb effort in English.


Year 9

Freya Burton, Ella Berkley, Kiara Heron, Hannah Kinsella, Max Stone, Flora Thornton Saunby and Cayton Deshayes-McCourt for effort and achievement

Kim Lau, Ivan Marushkin, Hattie Langley, Robert Forsyth and Bruce Russell for effort in English and for being the top 5 points earners in ReadTheory

Harry Amstell and Ida Merron for most improved in Mrs Gething’s class

Daisy Lindenberg and Josh Fraser for consistent excellent effort and attitude in English


Year 8

Jack Bettam for effort and progress

Maisie Thompson and Riley Rooney for being the most improved students

Zac Alessio and Barney O’Donnell for academic excellence

Gabi Cooke, Winnie Cade, Abi Boynton, Mike Mulryne, Henry Stafford-Lister and Monty Hill for Consistent excellent effort and attitude in English


Year 7

Annabel Almond, Will Atkinson, Skye Goldsmith-Thorpe, Blossom Harrison, Niamh Mulryne, Dexter Penny and Liv Smallwood for consistent excellent effort and attitude in English

Anna Goodall and Aryana Javaherian for academic excellence

Jasper Pattison and Peter Warcup for effort and commitment to learning 

Seren Lewis for dedication to improvement in English, particularly in creative writing


MFL Pupils of the Year (consistent effort, positive attitude and progress throughout)

Year 7: Aryana Javaherian and Skye Goldsmith-Thorpe

Year 8: Mike Mulryne and Barney O’Donnell

Year 9: Max Stone, Flora Thornton-Saunby, Jack Milburn and Freya Burton

Year 10: Abigail Watt, Sarah King and Freya Clarkson-Hall

Year 12: Patricia Nistor, Josie Sample, Harry Cammish, Paula Freeman and Vincent Gotthelf


Global Politics

Essay writing competition winners: Josie Sample, Harry Cammish, Ingrid Yeung, Olivia Clegg, Hana Khan and Anton Kaiser



Most improved: Petch Puangmala

Consistent hard work:  Kate Hychka, Yannes Leung, Tob Chinnawuth, Robin Scheffler

Consistent good work and attitude: Sinah Fabig, Paula Friemann & Paul Litzlbauer



Participation: Kateryna Hychka, Libby Robson, Jess Taylor-Burks and Timothy Yu

Commended:  Hugo Butterfield, Malachi Jenkinson, Yannes Leung and Abigail Watt

Highly commended: Tom Hill and Livvy Miners

Congratulations to those receiving Silver Certificates: James Corrigan, Robin Scheffler, Rebecca Shacklock and Charlie Sutcliffe

Congratulations to those receiving Gold Certificates: Tob Chinnawuth, Olivia Dockerty, Ingrid Els, Ebin Kurian, Jack Mainprize and Charlie Winter

KS3 Biology student of the year – Alex Leung

KS4 Pupil of the year – Nicola Keulder

KS5 Student of the year – Ema Antovska


Junior Maths Challenge

Bronze Certificate; Skye Goldsmith-Thorpe, Isabella Jackson, Henry Lister-Stafford, Hadley McTurk, Dexter Penny, Barney O’Donnell and Maisie Thomson

Silver Certificate; Zac Alessio, Hayden Lawry, Alex Leung (who was also best in Year)  and Mike Mulryne

Gold Certificate, Best in Year and Best in School, Aryana Javaherian

Performing Arts

LAMDA (see LAMDA results)


Grade 1 Piano Practical Joseph Duffy

Grade 1 Piano Practical with merit Timothy Yu

RSL Level 3 Certificate in Grade 6 Drums, Tob Chinnawuth

University of West London Grade 7 Musical Theatre Ted Kellock


Senior School Sports Day

Junior Girls’ 200m; Sophie Dockerty (Cooper) 29.66

Junior Girls’ 300m; Ruby Smith (Cooper) 52.24

Junior Girls’ 800m; Cherry Bowling (Armstrong) 2.56

Junior Girls’ Long Jump; Pip Lucas (Armstrong) 4.12m

Intermediate Girls’ 300m; Abi Watt (Hornby) 49.55

Intermediate Girls’ 1500m; Amber Scott (Hornby) 5.40

Senior Girls 100m; Juliette Schulten (Armstrong) 14.51

Senior Girls’ 200m; Nicola Keulder (Cooper) 29.66

Senior Girls’ 300m; Lily Blythe (Hornby) 48.04

Senior Girls’ 800m; Olivia Clegg (Crews) 2.58

Senior Girls’ 1500m; Olivia Clegg (Crews) 6.16

Junior Boys’ 100m; Toby Ward (Hornby) 12.68

Junior Boys’ 200m; Toby Ward (Hornby) 26.63

Junior Boys’ 800m; Zac Alessio (Armstrong) 2.30.72

Junior Boys’ 1500m; Hugo Guthrie (Armstrong) 5.18.9

Junior Boys’ Long Jump; Jacob Satchel 4.63m

Intermediate Boys’ 200m; Diego Carvani (Armstrong) 25.48

Intermediate Boys’ 400m; Ben Crick (Armstrong) 59.49

Intermediate Boys’ High Jump; Moritz Goltermann 1.51m

Intermediate Boys’ Long Jump; Maxime Klein 5.43m

Senior Boys’ 400m; Romario Roach (Crews) 54.33

Senior Boys’ 800m; Lewis Porter (Hornby) 2.12.63

Senior Boys’ Shot; Lewis Porter (Hornby) 11.80m


Junior Girls’ Victrix Ludorum; Cherry Bowling (A) 23 points

Intermediate Girls’ Victrix Ludorum; Katie Williamson (H) 24 points

Senior Girls’ Victrix Ludorum; Nicola Keulder (Co) 22 points

Junior Boys’ Victor Ludorum; Henry Lister-Stafford (H) 22 points

Intermediate Boys’ Victor Ludorum; Will Harding (A) 22 points

Senior Boys’ Victor Ludorum; Joint winners – Lewis Porter (H) and Romario Roach (Cr) 16 points


Congratulations to Hornby House who won the Athletics Sports Day with Armstrong narrowly behind in  second place. Crews were 3rd and Cooper 4th. 



Most improved / Player of the Season (girls)

U12’s: Niamh Mulryne / Libby Ashurst

U13’s: Eliza Wood / Pip Lucas

U14’s: Lily Smith / Ginny Pattison

U15’s: Katie Williamson / Livvy Miners

Seniors/First XI: Olivia Clegg / Abi Boyes

Players’ Player

Seniors/First XI: Hana Khan

Most improved / Player of the Season (boys)

U12’s: Jacob Hesp / Dexter Penny

U13’s: Monty Hill / Mike Mulryne

U14’s: Frank Brewis / Ben Squires

U15’s: Oliver Drayton / Ruanit Singh

Seniors/Second XI: Ted Barker

Seniors/First XI: Lewis Porter

Players’ Player

U12’s: Alfred Denton

U13’s: Oliver Dean

U14’s: Ben Squires

U15’s: Ruanit Singh

Seniors/Second XI: Macaiah Simmons

Seniors/First XI: George Taylor



Most improved / Player of the Season (girls)

U15’s: Erin Law / Ingrid Els
Seniors: Holly Neuschafer / Kim Egli

Most improved / Player of the Season (boys)

Seniors: Henri Lamboy / Pun Veeraphan


House events

Individual winners

Armstrong: Libby Ashurst (95), Zac Alessio (132), Hannah Kinsella (104)

Cooper: Mishka Patel (129), Ruby Smith (123), Izzy Hall (100)

Crews: Aryana Javaherian (192), Barney O’Donnell (134), Freya Burton (133)

Hornby: Lexi Watt (148), Lily Mae Hirst (97), Kiara Heron (93)


House Points

4th  Hornby House 4326

3rd  Cooper House 4874

2nd  Crews House 5217

1st  Armstrong House 5325




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