Sixth Form & The IB

Our Sixth Form is a vibrant and happy community of students.  They benefit from dedicated facilities including a superb Sixth Form café, study centre and common room.  The IB Diploma provides a stimulating and challenging programme of study.  It takes a holistic approach to education with students experiencing a wide range of subjects including a modern language, a science and mathematics.  The combination of subjects selected is underpinned by a common core incorporating a Theory of Knowledge course, an Extended Essay that allows them to explore a topic of particular interest and a CAS programme that facilitates engagement with the wider community. 

The philosophy of the IB Diploma promotes an intellectual curiosity in students coupled with an emphasis on personal development.  Students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and school production.  Many also represent the College in a variety of sports.  The Sixth Form committee organise a range of social events throughout the academic year that are enjoyed by all.

The skills that students develop and the personal attributes they acquire equip them for their future lives.  The IB Diploma is firmly established at Scarborough College.  Many of the teaching staff are IB examiners and moderators, they have a wealth of experience in delivering a highly successful IB Diploma programme.   Our students gain places at many of the top universities both in the UK and abroad.

In recognition of the particular needs of international students, Scarborough College has developed a new course as a preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  The aim is to ensure a high quality, tailored programme for international students.

The students are offered an academic programme based on their working knowledge of English which is assessed on arrival.  Tuition by well qualified staff is provided in English as a Second Language leading to a GCSE qualification.  The programme is adjusted according to the student’s achievement on arrival but also on the speed of development.  Those who require further support will receive a greater number of English lessons so that they may make good progress.

All the students receive lessons in Mathematics and Science in a programme designed to lead to a GCSE qualification in these subjects.  Additional support is also provided in these subjects in order that students may cover any topics which are unfamiliar.

Optional subjects are also offered to students in languages, the humanities and the arts and these too may lead to GCSE examinations depending on the progress the students make.

A diagram is provided so that you may see what is available.