School Life

A good school should neglect no aspect of a child’s education and here at Scarborough College we pride ourselves on ensuring that children get as many opportunities as possible.  Our inspection report of 2013 noted that children’s personal development is a strength of the school. Our students are well rounded individuals with an awareness of the needs of others and a strong moral sense.  They enjoy being at school and have warm, friendly and respectful relationships with all the adults who contribute to their learning and care.

The enrichment programme beyond the classroom is excellent, providing students with a host of stimulating opportunities to broaden their experience and develop their leadership skills.  The participation rates in team sports, individual activities, charities, clubs and societies are very high and the expectation is that all children will contribute to the life of the school in whatever way they can.  In so doing, of course, they learn about personal fulfilment and how to make the most of their talents and skills.  They also have a lot of fun along the way and build friendships that will last a lifetime.