Welcome to the OSA page of the College’s website.  Please click here to go to our dedicated OSA website.

As an Association, we work together with the College as a whole, the staff, students and Parents (through The Friends of Scarborough College) to help create an active community within the school, while maintaining our identity as the College’s Alumni.  This means that all the different communities within the College are involved and aware of what goes on at the College, daily and outside of school life.

It is our aim to ensure that all OSA members receive up-to-date information about what is going on at the College but more importantly what the OSA is planning and what our members are doing and achieving, since their time at the school finished. 

Email is the favoured mode of communication, as it is cheaper and quicker to send out more frequent E-Newsletters, so please make sure you are included on the email circulation. Instead of producing our own newsletter, we now have an OSA section within the Scarborough College Horizons magazie, which is produced twice a year.

Please send any photos or details about what you or any of our members have been up to recently or even reminisce over the good old days. Amusing photos, especially of staff, always go down well with our readers!  If you are thinking of having a 'spring clean' and find old photos, reports, bits of uniform etc, which you no longer want or have space to store, please don't bin them, instead forward them to our archives team, c/o Scarborough College.

Any ideas or suggestions of what events or activities that the OSA could provide or host in the future for our members would much appreciated. It’s your Association so please tell us what we can do for you. Please support Scarborough College and the OSA in any way you can.

We look forward to welcoming OSs back to the College at Reunions, events or just if you just happen to be passing.  For details of how to join, how to update your email or contact details or sign up for the OSA E-Newsletters please just get in touch with us.

To contact us, please email the Secretary at osa@scarboroughcollege.co.uk.  You can always telephone the College and leave a message, which will be forwarded to one of the Committee on 01723 360620 or you can send us a good old fashioned letter c/o Scarborough College, Filey Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 3BA.