Vision, Mission Statement and Aims


To be a globally recognised leader in British independent education.


Above all, our commitment is to discover and fully realise every child’s potential by ensuring that all pupils are seen as individuals whose specific needs are recognised and met.  We are dedicated to providing a far-reaching education that goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom, underpinned by strong lifelong values, which inspires academic excellence and ensures pupils are challenged.  Regular opportunities to understand their own capabilities through exposure to a broad range of sporting, cultural and creative activities, widens our pupils’ horizons and builds their self‑confidence.  Within our outward-facing, grounded and caring community the relationships that exist nurture tolerant, honest and compassionate people who will make a genuine difference in their futures beyond the confines of our school.


Scarborough College seeks:

  • To encourage and enable pupils to achieve their academic potential and to foster a climate in which high quality teaching and learning are the upmost priorities.
  • To respond to, support and bring about the aspirations of pupils and their parents, whilst being attentive to their views.
  • To consistently provide a high degree of personal care, support and guidance within, and outside of, the formal pastoral structure.
  • To promote the acquisition and development of life-long values and ‘character’.
  • To cultivate and develop in pupils a sense of spirituality, cultural awareness and a moral framework through which they can live a fulfilling and happy life.
  • To provide an environment in which pupils feel valued and learn to work co-operatively within a safe and nurturing community.
  • To provide regular opportunities for all pupils to engage with a varied co-curricular programme so that they may explore their talents and discover life-long passions.
  • To be a caring, supportive and appreciative employer, recognising the work and commitment of all staff whilst facilitating a climate of continual professional development.
  • To consistently look for improvements in everything we do, thereby ensuring the experience all our stakeholders undergo becomes ever more positive and rewarding.