At Scarborough College we have a Medical Centre supported by two highly qualified Nurses which provides all round care and protection for all pupils and staff of Little Owls, Bramcote Junior School and Scarborough College.

Medical Centre Newsletters

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Who are we

Linda Pinkney, School Nurse – Registered Nurse

Medical Centre, Scarborough College, Filey Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. YO11 3BA

Tel: 01723 380604 (Direct line) 07974 905104 (Mobile)


Dr Caley, School Doctor

Central Healthcare, Flasgrave Surgery, Lawrence House Medical Centre, 1A Belgrave Crescent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1UB.

Tel : 01723 369440 or 360835

Email :

The Health Centre is open - Monday to Thursday: 8.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. Friday 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m., with a Cohens dispensing chemist on site.


Aim of the service

The aim for the school based health service is to work in partnership with pupils, parents and teachers to improve and maintain the health and well-being of all pupils, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Currently, the service offers health advice to pupils, parents and staff. We also organise the co-ordination of first aid provision, support for pupils with medical conditions, health assessments, health promotion and vaccinations as per North Yorkshire's Healthy Child Programme.

What we do

School entry health review

During the school term the school is responsible in loco parentis for the welfare of pupils, therefore it is essential the school Medical Centre holds a complete health record for your child. When your child enrols at school, a Confidential Health Questionnaire is sent to you to complete and return as part of the admissions process. The medical information is kept confidentially in your child’s school records.

School Health Questionnaire – Day Pupils 

School Health Questionnaire – Boarders 

Medical Conditions

It is parents/guardians responsibility to inform the Medical Centre if their child has a medical condition. If treatment and/or medication, including emergency medication, is required in school, a healthcare plan will be sent to parents to complete and return.  If medicines required a form 3A will need to be completed and signed by parents/guardians - for further guidance, please see our medical conditions policy, which is available on request.


Immunisations are given according to Department of Health guidance. Parents must provide a copy of their child’s immunisation record, this can be obtained upon request from reception at your Doctor’s Surgery. We can provide advice on any immunisations that may have been missed or are required to be given. Consent will be obtained separately from parents/guardians before any immunisations offered in school are administered.

Health Assessments

Boarders - A health assessment is carried out by the School Nurse on all new boarders and annually for existing boarders at the start of the school year. This includes blood pressure check, urine test and height and weight measurements. Any health concerns identified from assessment, will be discussed with pupil and or parents/guardians.

GP, Consultation and further treatments

Boarders are required to register with the school doctor and they can consult their home GP during the holidays as a temporary resident if necessary. The School Nurse will arrange appropriate visits to the doctor, dentist, optician, etc., as requested by parents/guardians, liaising with all parties as necessary. Where possible, routine health checks and treatment should be arranged during the school holidays to minimise disruption to academic work; emergency treatment can be arranged as necessary. If a boarder is taken ill at any other time requiring a doctor, an appointment will be made with Central Healthcare, Falsgrave Surgery, Lawrence House Health Centre, 1A Belgrace Screscent, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1UB.

Other work:

  • liaising with and referring to other health professionals and agencies as required. These may include health visitors, GPs, dentists, physiotherapists, public health professionals, teachers, social workers and child and adolescent mental health service workers.
  • liaising with boarding staff on the health and well-being of boarders.
  • Responding to public health improvement, such as immunisation campaigns.

First Aid

If your child becomes ill or has an accident, you will always be contacted where possible through a phone call, letter or email. Initial treatment is administered by the Schol Nurse/ boarding staff or a first aid trained member of staff as appropriate, who will also liaise with parents/guardians/family doctor, as appropriate.

Boarders – Should your child require additional medical treatment/assessment, they will be accompanied by a member of staff and receive NHS medical attention. If your child is a weekly boarder he/she will be expected to return home under the care of his/her own doctor if unwell whilst boarding.

Administration of Medication

Medication in school

The school doctor has approved a limited list of non-prescription medicines to be given by the School Nurse when required by pupils with minor ailments such as headaches, stomach-ache, coughs, colds and sporting injuries. They can only be given to pupils if consent has been received from parents. The consent for the administration of medication can be found on the last page of the health questionnaire. No pupils are allowed their own supply of over-the-counter medicines for safety.  If your child has a medical condition that requires regular or emergency medication in school please see the School Nurse to fill out the appropriate permission forms. If your child is taking a short course of medication required during school hours, parents should bring the medication, in the original box/bottle and complete a permission form 3A with the Healthcare Practioner or Receptionist.  The medication will be stored in the Medical Centre and administered as prescribed.

If medication is prescribed during term time by the school doctor or appropriate NHS services, the school will act in loco parentis to administer this medication and parents will be informed as soon as possible. All prescribed medication should be taken with supervision by the School Nurse and/or boarding staff where a form 3B will be completed. Pupils over sixteen who are deemed competent may be able to self-administer prescribed medicines at the discretion of the School Nurse and/or school doctor and a form 3C will be completed.

Boarders own medications

For the safety of all pupils the school does not allow any medicines, including homoeopathic, herbal or oriental remedies, in school or in the boarding houses without informing the Medical Centre/boarding staff and following the instructions as listed below:

  1. Parents must complete a consent form available from the Medical Centre.
  2. Pupils must not under any circumstances share/swap or trade their medicine with another pupil.
  3. Pupils must keep their medication safe and secure
  4. All medication must be in its original container, labelled with the pupil’s name, dose and frequency. All medication must be indentifiable in the BNF and licensed to use.

NB. Administration of all medicines sent in from home is at the discretion of the member of staff to whom the request is made. Every effort will be made to fulfil your requirements. However, please note that neither the member of staff nor Scarborough College accept responsibility for failure to do so. Medication found without permission will be confiscated and pupils will be subject to disciplinary action.

Consent and Confidentiality

Consent is included on the Confidential Health Questionnaire completed on enrolment, please note this consent is valid throughout your child’s school years, however, you may withdraw your consent in writing at any stage. Consent from a parent/guardian is required for:

  • medical treatment and immunisations
  • medication (own supply and administration)
  • sharing information
  • health assessments

All health information is treated confidentially and kept securely in the pupil’s school record. There may be occasions when it is in the best interest of the child, that we have a duty of care to share this information, and this may be with school staff, other health professionals and other agencies.

Height and Weight

You may remember attending the local health clinic when your child was a baby to get them weighed and measured. It is recommended that this is continued at certain times during a child’s school years. It is important as it provides possible early detection of ill health and gives an understanding of how children are growing so we can promote healthy lifestyles and choices and ensure we provide the best services possible. Children are weighed and measured fully dressed except for shoes; all information gathered will be treated confidentially. No child’s height or weight will be given to school staff or to other pupils. A letter will be sent notifying you of the results.

Hearing test

The Primary Care Trust School Health Service aims to screen all children’s hearing in reception class in Scarborough. Hearing screening allows hearing loss to be identified at a younger age. There is evidence that this is beneficial because early detection and management improve outcomes in terms of speech, language and education. The test, called a sweep hearing test, will aim to confirm that your child’s hearing is normal at different frequencies of sound. A letter will be sent home notifying you of the result. If the test reveals any hearing problems your child will be either retested in 8-12 weeks to allow any temporary problems to resolve or be referred to audiology clinic for a more detailed test.

School Health Programme

Reception (age 4- 5 years)

- School entry health review

- advice regarding any immunisations

- selective health assessment with parent/guardian, if a health concern is identified

Year 1 (age 5-6 years)

-hearing test

-flu vacination (optional)

-height and weight measurements

Year 6 (age 10-11 years)

- Secondary transfer health review

- Height, weight and BMI

Year 8 (age 12-13 years)

- HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) immunisation for girls


- On enrolment – school entry health review

- Registration with School Doctor

- New patient health check (height, weight, urine test and blood pressure)

- Annual health check (height, weight, urine test and blood pressure)


If at any time you wish to contact us please do so by any of the ways detailed below.

Contact details


Mrs Linda Pinkney (School Nurse)

01723 380604 (Direct line)

07974 905104 (Mobile)

Medical Centre, Scarborough College, Filey Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. YO11 3BA

School Doctor (Dr Cayley) 

Central Healthcare

Falsgrave Surgery

Lawrence House Medical Centre Centre

1A Belgrave Crescent


North Yorkshire

YO11 1UB

Tel: 01723 369440/360835

Email :


Medical Centre Policies and Protocols


Administration of Medicines Policy

Anaphylaxis-Allergy Policy

Asthma Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Diabetes Policy

Epilepsy Policy

First Aid Policy

Head Injury Policy

Head Lice Policy

Infection Control Policy

Manikin Cleaning Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Sick-Injured Boarder Policy

Sun Safe Policy


Administration of Medication Protocol

AED Defibrillator Protocol

Anaphylaxis-Allergic Reaction Protocol

Asthma Protocol

Diagnosis and Treatment of a Sore Throat Protocol

Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches Protocol

Epilepsy Treatment Protocol

Eye Irritation Protocol

Head Injury Treatment Protocol

Sick Injured Boarder Treatment Protocol

Sun Safe Protocol