House Staff

Meet the House Staff

(Not to be mistaken for the 2000 film starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, Meet The Parents)!

This page is devoted to meeting our boarding Houseparents at Scarborough College, the people who look after our boarders during term time, many of whom live on site in our boarding houses and some of whom come in for an evening a week to look after the children and relieve the residential house staff.

Weaponness House

Mr Simon Harvey and Mrs Marianne Harvey, House Parents


Mr Michael Jackson, Assistant Housemaster

As a new member of staff at Scarborough College, and being completely new to boarding, I have been struck by the friendly nature and the family feel of the boarding houses where we really are part of one big extended international family. It is terrific for a teacher to be part of the pupils lives and I find the interaction between their academic studies and home life fascinating.   

I joined the school last September as the head of economics and business management along with my wife, Katie and our three children Eleanor (8), Edward (6) and Alice (2), two of whom are also pupils at Bramcote school.

My interests include walking and outdoor pursuits, music (playing and listening) and reading. I have never lost my passion for trying out new experiences as shown by my moving into boarding education for the first time after working as a teacher for 15 years. I believe that life is like a corridor full of doors - try to open as many as you can!

Willersley House

Mrs Jenny Robinson and Mr Paul Robinson, House Parents

I have been a member of teaching staff at Scarborough College for nine years; I have taught maths in the junior and senior school and am currently the School Librarian. I was delighted to be able to take up the post of housemistress for Willersley; my husband Paul and my son Jack, who is also at the school, enjoy boarding life immensely with all its activities and pastoral care. Each pupil in my house is beautiful and unique and we make it our priority to have a warm family atmosphere and to make our own Willersley traditions, bringing together many customs from all over the world.

Miss Kate Harvey, Assistant Housemistress

Miss Heather Ramsay, House Tutor

I have been a teacher at the College for 10 years and have worked in the Boarding Houses, both Weaponess and Willersley for 8 of those. I am Head of Sixth Form and teach Games, PE, Geography and TOK. I really enjoy being part of the Boarding “team” as it is great to see everyone outside of the school environment and it also allows me to work closely with the Sixth Form boarders as they prepare for their University applications.

Denys Crews House

Mr Phil Wilson, House Parent

I have a very long standing affiliation with Scarborough College, having been a pupil here myself! Before becoming a resident Houseparent in Crews House, I spent many years as a House Tutor in Weaponness House, a role which I enjoyed very much. In school, I am Head of Upper Tier (Years 10 and 11) as well as teaching Business and Psychology.

Mrs Sarah Grice, House Parent

After fifteen years of teaching English and Drama, I joined Scarborough College in 2009 and became Head of English and Drama in 2011. Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life and the life of the College:  the decision to reopen Denys Crews House. I was delighted to be offered the job of Resident Houseparent and take over the day to day running of a boarding house. It is great to see how students from all over the world come together to form a boarding community that really does feel like one big family. As a teacher and Houseparent I always strive to encourage a positive, ‘have a go’ mentality in the young people in my care. My own son, Thomas, lives with me in Crews and it has been wonderful to see his confidence and independence grow over the last year - the ethos of Scarborough College boarding life has definitely rubbed off on him!  

Mrs Julie Walsh, Assistant Housemistress

After teaching English at Scarborough College for eight years, I took the plunge and decided to make a contribution to boarding life by being on duty one night a week at Crews House.  So far it has been a very varied experience as for my first year we had girls in the house and this year it is boys. The main difference seems to be that the boys are tidier!  Both experiences have been very positive and I have benefitted greatly from spending ‘down time’ with students. The atmosphere in the house is homely and positive and the students are a pleasure to be with. My 11 year old daughter, who attends Scarborough College, usually comes with me on duty and she thoroughly enjoys getting to know older students. Her main ambition is to beat them at table football


Mrs Pascale Rigley, Assistant Housemistress

I am originally from France but I have been in England for almost 30 years. I have been a member of staff at Scarborough College for 5 years. I teach English as a Second Language and French. I was very happy to join Crews House to do occasional housemistress duties. My first job in England was as a housemistress and French assistant in a boarding school for girls in the south and I really enjoyed looking after the children. I already know most of the students from Crews House as I teach them too. For me, to make their stay in Scarborough a happy experience is essential because I have myself experienced being far from home.  When I am in the house, I usually like cooking with the boys. The children and I have competitions to see who can make the best dish. It can be messy but they love it because they can eat what they have made!

Mr Mike Price-Stephens


Mrs Janet Thomas, Boarding Administrator & House Tutor, Willersley, Weaponness and Denys Crews House

I am the school’s Boarding Administrator and a House Tutor at Weaponness House. I have worked at Scarborough College and been involved with the boarding community for 10 years and both my children boarded at the college. 

My role is varied; I oversee all the weekend activities and events including shopping, ice-skating, paint balling and go karting, to name but a few.  We also have an annual weekend trip away, usually to London, which includes a West End show, sightseeing and shopping!  The students and staff all look forward to it and have a great time together.

I am also responsible for all of the student travel arrangements for our overseas students and arranging airport transfers at the start and end of term.

However, my favourite role is working with the students in all three houses in the evenings.  Spending quality time with them, teaching the students some life skills such as showing them a few basic recipes in the kitchen, how to sew on buttons, polishing shoes and how to iron a shirt!  Hopefully this will give them added confidence and independence for when they move on to University.  My sewing machine is also always busy with uniform and general repairs!

Miss Kate Tipton, Head of Boarding

I have been Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Head of Boarding at Scarborough College since November 2009.  It is my job to oversee the boarding community, and to chair the meetings of the Boarding House Staff, the student Boarding Council, and the boarders’ Catering Committee meetings.  I try to ensure that everyone within the Scarborough College boarding ‘family’ has the opportunity to express their views, and to make suggestions for changes and improvements. 

I also help out with boarding duties from time to time, enjoy participating in the weekend activities, and take great pride in organising the annual boarders’ weekend away in December.  For the last three years, by popular demand, we have gone to London – but each year the boarders have the chance to nominate alternative destinations.  I hope that all of the boarders feel that they can talk to me about any worries or concerns, and I operate an ‘Open Door’ policy in my office in school – allowing anyone to drop in to chat if they need to.  It is a real pleasure to be part of the multi-cultural, multi-national boarding community here at the College – I would advise you to come and see for yourselves!

Testimonials from our boarders

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our boarders think…

Tymur Abramyan – aged 13, Nationality – Ukrainian

My name is Tymur and I am from the Ukraine. I want to give my opinion about the school. I like the boarding house because all of the guys are friendly. I like the staff from the boarding house as all of them can help you. I haven’t got anything that I don’t like. It is so good when you live with guys from different countries of the world as you can learn and improve your English faster. I have friends in school and many of the guys are from my form.

Мене зовуть Тимур, і я з Украини.I хочу сказати свою думку про школу.Пансіонат дуже гарний, тому що всі хлопці дружелюни.У пансионате нема ничого ,що я не люблю.Це дуже гарно,коли ти живешь з хлопцями зо всього миру.Ти можешь вчити английский скорише.В мене е багато друзив у школи.

Mohannad Zeido – aged 17. Nationality – Syrian (Recent Leaver of 2013 having copmpleted the IB)


My name is Mohannad Zeido and I’m from Syria. I have a slightly different story because I came to the boarding house in February and by that time everyone in the boarding house had got to know each other. Personally I thought it would be very hard for me to get along with the other boarders but the moment I reached the boarding house I found out that the rest of the boarders were very kind and friendly people. As a boarder I felt that there was no separation between the year groups and we were all one big family. At the boarding house there are many nationalities and being able to learn about them was an amazing experience. There are so many things about the boarding house which I like very much, such as the very big garden behind our house which is very nice to run in and play sports such as football, which is great because there are lots of boarders playing. We have a fully loaded kitchen which has everything needed to enjoy an amazing meal prepared by ourselves, and the kitchen is prepared and ready for any person with whatever dietary requirements are needed; for example I am a Muslim so I don’t eat pork so as an alternative the house parents have kindly equipped the kitchen with some chicken. We have extremely kind, fun, and caring house parents who will always help anyone who is in need. There is actually nothing in the boarding house which I don’t like. At the beginning my parents were worried that I would not do my homework, but they were comforted because there was something called prep time which is done after dinner where all the boarders have to sit in their room to do the school work they were assigned. In the end I would recommend anyone who is interested in boarding to board at Scarborough College because it is the best experience ever.


مرحباً …..

أنا مهند زيدو من سوريا.

إني أعتبر نفسي حاله خاصه في مدرسة سكاربرها

ألتحقت الى المدرسه في السكن الداخلي في شباط ٢.١٢ ومنذ أول يوم بدأت بالتعرف الى الطلاب.

شخصياً توقعت ان يكون التأقلم والتعرف على الطلاب أمر صعب ولكن في الواقع كان كل الطلاب لطفاء و ودودين جداً وحاول الجميع مساعدتي في كل شي من اجل ان لا اشعر بالوحده.

احسست و كأننا نعيش في عائله واحده كبيره.

يوجد في السكن الداخلي جنسيات متعدده والتعرف إليهم كان تجربه عظيمه.

يوجد اشياء كثيره احببتها في السكن الداخلي منها الحديقه الخلفيه فهيا كبيره و ممتعه لممارسه الرياضه كالجري و كره القدم فبوجود عدد كبير من الطلاب تصبح الرياضه مسليه و مشجعه.

واعجبني وجود المطبخ بكامل معداته لكي تحضر وجبتك الخاصه بنفسك وهو جاهز بكل انواع الطعام الخاص فمثلا انا مسلم لا آكل لحم الخنزير فيكون لحم الدجاج متوفر دائماً.

اما بالنسبه للاساتذه المسؤولن في السكن الدخلي فهم لطفاء و جاهزون طوال الوقت لتقديم المساعده للطلاب.

في البدايه كان والدايًّ قليقين فيما إذا كنت ساتابع دراستي وواجباتي المدرسيه بشكل جيد ولكن عندما قاموا بزيارة المدرسه وجدوا أنه يوجد وقت خاص للدراسه كل يوم بعد العشاء وفيه يجب على كل الطلاب الجلوس بغرفهم لعمل الواجبات المدرسيه.

حقيقة لا يوجد شئ لم أحبه في السكن الداخلي ،و أنا انصح كل طالب يرغب في نظام السكن الداخلي أن يختار مدرسة سكاربرها فهي أفضل تجربه على الاطلاق.