Creative Arts

Students at every level of ability are encouraged to join in music, drama and the arts. All gain confidence as they explore different areas of self-expression and some discover unsuspected talents. Although this may lead some to follow academic courses to GCSE and IB, extra-curricular involvement in all forms of performance is open to anyone. A number decide to maintain their creativity by studying a related course at university, art college or drama school.


The College enjoys an excellent reputation for Drama and this begins within the curriculum.  A structured programme provides students in Years 7 to 9 with the opportunity to explore different aspects of performance and also to understand the team work and discipline required to achieve any believable presentation.  Students learn the vocabulary of production and begin to discover their own talents. Facilities include a Drama studio and a very well equipped 400 seat theatre.

There are ample opportunities for the students to then experiment through the extra curricular provision.  There are often class presentations or assemblies in addition to House Pantomimes and full School productions.  Students can perform or support behind the scenes working with costume, stage management, sound or lighting. 

In addition, the College runs a full LAMDA programme (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) of individual lessons leading to qualifications in a range of disciplines and achieving significant successes right up to Gold Medal standard.