Prep School News April 2024

It’s been a busy start to this term for our Prep School staff and students. Here’s just a taste of some of the activities that we have been enjoying so far. 

Chick Watch

Year 1 has had a special delivery in class – an incubator with seven unhatched eggs! Following on from our narrative work on the Little Red Hen, the students will be creating non-fiction fact files all about chicks. A few of the eggs have already hatched and we look forward to 

Beach School – Y1 & 2

During the first week of term, our Year 1 and 2 classes enjoyed a fun filled Beach School morning at Cayton Bay. The team regularly runs these days, taking advantage of the beautiful beaches on our doorstep. 

Activities included an alphabet scavenger hunt, beach bowling, beanbag target practice, team races and some imaginative free play. A fun morning was had by all! 

River Study trip – Y3

The Y3 Geography field trip started almost at the source of the River Derwent, in the North Yorkshire Moors. Here, pupils were shown how to measure the depth, width and velocity of the river in three areas to get an average.

The children then meandered along the river bank and observed tributaries, confluences and erosion (but no meander ironically).  We walked further downstream below Jugger Howe Beck and the rather gruesomely named Bloody Beck. From here we repeated our measurements to compare how the river had changed – it became faster, wider and deeper.

Lots of wet socks, a few fish in our wellies and a game of pooh sticks later, the team made it back to school wind swept but having missed any rain!  A totally successful day all in all.



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