Planting Seeds of Change with Sustainable Visits

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Scarborough College is proud to announce its commitment to holding sustainable school visits.

Stepping up its efforts to reduce plastic waste and nurture a greener future, the College has implemented a series of eco-friendly initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of environmentally conscious students.

One of the most significant changes is the College’s decision to stop ordering and giving out plastic merchandise during school visits or educational fairs, as we recognise the detrimental impact of single-use plastics on our planet.

Instead, Scarborough College is focusing its efforts on meaningful initiatives such as tree planting. For every school visit we host, the College will plant at least one tree in the Yorkshire area. This collaboration with White Rose Forests underscores our commitment to taking real action to safeguard our environment.

What sets Scarborough College’s approach apart is the integration of student involvement in these eco-efforts. When they join the school, students may have the opportunity to participate in tree planting volunteering days.

In addition, the student-led Eco Committee is also taking steps to make life at College a little bit greener. From reusable personal mugs in the sixth form cafe to a bigger focus on recycling, our students are ensuring that there is a strong focus on environmental issues across the campus.

Remco Weeda, Director of Marketing and Admissions, said: “Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just words. This is a pledge backed by action, and our partnership with White Rose Forests will allow us to make a real impact.

“We believe in leading by example. By eliminating plastic freebies, we are not only reducing waste but also instilling values of environmental responsibility in our students, and enabling them to get hands on and connect with the impact we are making.”



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