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Wizard of Oz DVD and photos now avaialble to buy or view

The Scarborough College production of this great family show went off with a bang and was just the thing to brighten up a gloomy February evening.  The College began with a matinee performance for local schools and were delighted to welcome East Ayton, Seamer and Irton, St Martin’s C of E, Wheatcroft, Bempton and Barrowcliff.  All the children were provided with a flag for the occasion.

<>Over seventy students aged 7 to 18 participated, either on or behind the stage and such was the range of talent, some roles were played by different people.  For example, Bliss Horwell took the part of Dorothy in the matinee and impressed everyone with the quality of her performance.  Katie Hodgson played Dorothy in the evening performances, with real feeling and sang with great maturity; there was a palpable wistfulness in her rendering of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow.’  Her great enemy Miss Gultch aka The Wicked Witch of the West, was played by both Emily Leeson and Miranda Martin-Hart.  Both managed utterly maniacal laughs which sent shivers down the spine and the accompanying pyrotechnics were very startling.  The Tin Man was confidently played by Euan Harker whose stage presence was impressive and he was assisted by the Scarecrow (Sophie I’Anson and Alan Lewis) and the Lion (Youssra El-Khatib and Kerri Arundel).  Each actor brought a very individual element to the parts.  The song and dance routines were perfect, and so was the comic timing allowing the audience to enjoy the humour to the full.  Just as we began to fear for Dorothy in the witch’s castle, Glinda the Good Witch, played by a suitably regal India Cartwright (and elegant Aaysha Shahid), came to the rescue.  Edward Burnett and Matthew Harris shared the role of the humbugWizard with great humour and quirkiness.  The chorus of Munchkins, tap-dancing monkeys and Ozians brought great verve and colour to their performances and everyone sang along to the irresistible ‘Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead’.  Toto the dog, whose constant but silent presence was central to the plot, was a triumph; firstly appearing as real life Cody, the Arundel family pet, and later as Freddie Halliwell who patiently followed Dorothy everywhere.

<>The school production represents the most complex and demanding school event of the Scarborough College calendar involving as it does the good efforts of students, staff and the many parents who make costumes, paint sets and organise refreshments.  The performing arts staff at the College, Bee Galway (director), Sarah Hammond (choreography) were ably assisted by staff from the English Department and, of course, the Musical Director, Rebecca Leeson and her assistant, Martin Richardson.  It is a tribute to everyone that the audience appreciated such an enjoyable and professional show.

The DVDs of all three performances are now available to buy from David Walker Photographer in Scarborough for £10 per copy.  There are also some more photographs which can be viewed or purchased on his website by clicking the link below.

David Walker Photographer 

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Alternatively, you can ask us for copies of the photos in the gallery below or order the DVD by completing and returning the order form to Reception with a cheque payable to Scarborough College.  Download DVD form by clicking here.