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The Skateboard Challenge

As part of the Enrichment Programme at Scarborough College, some of our students opt for our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programme where by they are set a challenge to solve simple problems in more interesting and creative way, plus using modern technology to share and explain their findings. 

This is the first challenge that was recently set for our STEM students and below is James's answer to the problem, explained correctly and creatively in the video below.   We hope you enjoy James's Lego Skateboard film.   Please click on the video image to view his workings.

Each term the students will be set a new  problem to solve so keep watching to see who's creative, short film is shown next.

The Skateboard Problem

A skateboarder holds onto the merry-go-round pictured below.  The platform of the merry-go-round has a 7 foot radius and makes a complete turn every 6 seconds.  The skateboarder lets go at 2 o'clock position in the picture at which time she is 30 feet from the padded wall.  How long will it take the skateboarder to hit the wall?