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Scarborough College - lights, camera and ACTION

The Affixxius story so far…….

What a busy and very different week we had at Scarborough College during August as our Affixxius adventure finally began.

From the initial idea, the concepts, the story board of ideas to the arrival of the team and their kit.

This is what, where and who have been involved so far……..

·         34 Scarborough College and Bramcote Junior School students

·         7 members of staff (some who are also parents)

·         6 parents

·         8 friends of staff and children of the school

·         2 OSA members

·         6 Professional Actors

·         8 members of the Ground Staff, Maintenance, Decorating and Catering teams

·         6 members of the Affixxius production team on site

·         4 days

·         10 scenes

·         4 locations

·         1 door!

The filming is now all complete and ‘that’s a wrap!’  No more lights, camera, action – it’s now just a waiting game for the post production team to do their magic with the green screen and stick it all together.

We are not expecting to see the first Directors cut until the end of November, but I can assure you all, it will be worth waiting for.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved and we look forward to launching a great film which we can share worldwide and all be very proud of.  It shows everyone what Scarborough College is all about, what the people and the place is like and how friendly we all are.  It tells everyone what we already know

Scarborough College - Opening Doors