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Scarborough College Celebrates a Vintage Year

Scarborough College had much to celebrate at its annual Prize Giving held at Queen Street Methodist Hall recently.  With record public exam results, top university placements and international sports honours the gathered parents and guests were in very positive mood.  The guest of honour and speaker was Squadron Leader John Peters. 

Mr Peters, a former Tornado pilot, was shot down in Iraq during the Gulf War, was captured and tortured by Saddam Hussein's forces for 47 days.  He was paraded on Iraqi television obviously battered and bruised causing shockwaves across the world. His speech was gripping and inspiring, leading to a standing ovation. 

The College's Alumni Award for 2016 went to Niki Doeg, a former pupil who rowed successfully across the Atlantic recently as part of the record-breaking over 40s all-women Yorkshire Rows crew.  The headmaster, Charles Ellison, commented: "This year's event was testimony to the impact self-belief, resilience and unwavering determination will always has on any individual's potential achievement and we were all greatly moved and motivated by the words of both John Peters and Niki Doeg.  It was a most proud day for the College and all of its students."