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Saturday Lunch at the Lighthouse!

The most recent Saturday Activity Morning was based around the children’s classic story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. With Year 6 children away at Sca Fell it was an ideal opportunity to open the morning to all children from Reception to Year 5. Mrs Ainley and Mrs Eves used their experience of working with both infants and juniors to create a fantastic morning of craft, technology, art and food preparation! There was even an element of physics involved as we tinkered with the intricacies of pulleys, ropes and balanced baskets!

The morning began with the story being read to the assembled group by Mrs Ainley. Explanations were then given as to the different elements of the activity the children were going to undertake. There were 4 main elements to the morning all based on the story. A lighthouse, with base and light was to be made and then decorated; a bowl with handles was then needed to contain the lunch; lunches then had to be made and finally the lighthouse keeper’s wife had to send the lunch down to the lighthouse using the pulley system without the seagulls taking any!

The children worked in pairs with plenty of guidance from Mrs Eves and Mrs Ainley (and a little from Mr Wilkie). It was fascinating to see the ingenuity and creativeness of all the children. Very soon lighthouses were taking shape; some red and white, some multi-coloured, some with crashing waves others with calm blue sea. There was paint, glue, coloured paper, corrugated card and plastic everywhere – but what fun we all had!

As the lighthouses were completed it was time to start creating the lunch for each lighthouse keeper. There was a wide variety of sandwich filling, ham, cheese, cucumber and butter plus fruit, biscuits and a drink. Then it was the problem of working out how best to fit it in the bowl for safe transport down to the lighthouse; ensuring nothing would fall out for the seagulls!

The lunches were then taken by Mr Wilkie who met Mrs Grinling, the Lighthouse Keeper’s wife so that she could assist with attaching the lunches to the pulley system so the keepers would hopefully get their lunches. As baskets were attached to the pulleys the lighthouse keepers eagerly but carefully winched their lunch down from Mrs Grinling who waved from the window as each basket was despatched. Fortunately by a combination of balanced baskets and even pulling all lunches arrived intact and the lighthouse keepers were able to sit down together to enjoy their lunch with the seagulls going hungry!

This was a great morning of fun, learning and food. Many thanks to Mrs Ainley and Mrs Eves for their planning, preparation and participation and to all others who assisted particularly with the preparation of the pulley system.

Peter Wilkie