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SAM mornings get off to a great start with plenty of fresh air!

Now a regular fixture on the weekly calendar the popular Saturday Activity Mornings (SAMs) have got off to a good start this year. Trusting the September weather it was decided to plan two visits to outdoor locations for the first two Saturdays of term. Through good luck, good planning or good meteorological knowledge (or a combination of all three) we were not disappointed and both events took place as planned.

The first Saturday activity was a trip to Cayton Bay for fire making and cooking on the beach. After the steep descent through the woods it was time to collect as much fallen (and dry) wood as possible. This is always more difficult than one might think as this area is popular with groups who come for camping and cooking on the beach in the pleasant Summer evenings. As Mr Davey got the main fire going, ably assisted by Mr Allanson and Mr Robinson, everyone else headed back into the woods to forage for more wood for their own fire making. The challenge being to create a fire without fire lighters, or matches, relying instead on gathered materials and a steel to create the spark. Some of the regular attendees on the Cayton Bay mornings are becoming quite adept at this skill and soon there were cries of, ‘We’ve got fire’, often followed by ‘Oh no its gone out’! Certainly the Davey boys, Josh and Joel can create a fire as can Harry and Jack Marcroft. With the main fire going well it was time for Mr Wilkie to produce the food for cooking. 48 sausages, packs of bacon, black pudding (and a few pieces of steak!). With sausages sizzling, bacon crisping and black pudding adding to the flavour the smells from the open fire were magnificent and soon dog walkers were sniffing the air and their dogs heading towards the smell! Once all the children had been fed Mr Davey showed the steaks to the pan and then very quickly placed them in bread rolls! Following some fossil hunting it was soon time to begin the ascent back to the top of the cliff. Some children and adults race to the top in no time and with very little effort, however the organiser of the event and author of the report finds it increasingly difficult and I think it took a few hours for my heart rate to return to normal! Oh to be young again! Many thanks to Mr Davey for his enthusiasm, knowledge and skill in outdoor activities and to Mr Allanson and Mr Robinson for their help and support.

The second Saturday was the very popular trip into Dalby Forest. Unfortunately demand exceeded available places and some pupils were disappointed, a reminder that if pupils fancy the activity it is important to get their names on the list in the Junior School Office as early as possible. With the sound of motorbikes screaming around Oliver’s Mount 15 pupils settled into the minibus with Mr Horton and Mr Wilkie for the short drive into the forest. In no time at all we were heading into the enchanted wood where Mr Horton had plans for different games of capturing and raiding dens and heading back to your own base with a captured flag. Teams were selected and ‘tag’ belts fitted that were to act as ‘lives’. Soon the forest was alive with raiding parties, stealth groups in the undergrowth and cries of ‘attack on the right’. After a number of these games there was time for a few traditional games of blocky. It was then time for birthday cake to celebrate Harry and Jack Marcrofts birthdays – delicious chocolate cake with lovely thick chocolate topping – very tasty indeed! There was just time to drive down to the main visitor centre for time on the play area and a refreshing ice lolly before heading back to Scarborough. Thank you to Mr Horton for his unbounded enthusiasm and energy which make these trips so enjoyable.

Keep an eye on the Saturday Activity Programme and sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.