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Noah's MX90 Championship Round 1

It is true in life that we all have ups and downs and unfortunately for our Year 7 student  Noah Thompson,  round 1 of  the MX90 championship at Leisure Lakes in March was more of a 'down' day - literally!

In the first of 3 races he got an amazing start, was 2nd to the corner and followed this through with great skill to stay in 5th position until the last lap and final corner taking a light fall and losing 2 places.

Second race, again he had a fantastic start but crashed badly just after the first corner, taking time to get back on and only managing to just complete the race.

He decided to go out for the third race and although he was in pain, rode with true grit and determination to try and stay in contention for a top 10 overall. He managed to come a respectable 8th out of 21 and this led him to being placed 10th overall. Although it was a  disappointing result as he was riding within the top 5 in his category,  we are confident that this talented youngster will have a lot more 'UPs' in the future.