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More than just a spoon full of Porridge

Following the success of ‘SuperStan’ last summer, Mr Richardson, ably assisted by Miss Cox, directed another offering by Craig Hawes.  ‘Porridge’ is a mash-up of all your favourite nursery and fairytale characters.  Goldie Lox (portrayed by Jessica Taylor-Burks) along with Junior Bear (Robin Pattison) uncovers a dastardly plot by Pap Bear (Billy Riley) to achieve world domination through his chain of Porridge Pot Diners, serving award winning porridge - the recipe having been stolen from Old Mother Hubbard, beautifully portrayed by Olivia Dockerty.  Goldie and Junior enlist the help of Jack Spratt, Private Detective (Atticus D’Arcy) and of course chaos ensues!  With some rather dopey henchmen in the form of the three Billygoats Gruff (Ben Guthrie, Jack Milburn and Harry Robinson) and a bunch of inept police officers, what could possibly go wrong?!
The evening performance on 20 June was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.  Our 2020 production is a closely guarded secret and is currently locked in the school vault!  And no, we can’t be bribed to reveal details…...or can we?!?!