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Just desserts for all in Oliver Twist.

Last week’s production of Oliver Twist was a great success and showed what amazing acting talent we have here at Scarborough College.  After months and months of rehearsal, weekends in school, endless nagging by me and sleepless nights (also me!) the show did indeed go on.

And what a show it was.  All were astonished at the villainous portrayal of Bill Sykes by the mild mannered Miles Horsham-Batley who really absorbed himself in the role and added in lots of his own extra touches.  Both he and the lovely Katie Bulmer were a joy to direct as they worked together to make their scenes as effective as possible – and yes, they are still friends despite her violent end in the show!

Gianfilippo’s performance was also a revelation as he amazed all – including me – by finally learning his lines!  He played the devious and manipulative Fagin perfectly and worked very well with Henry Chambers who gave a stellar performance as the young Oliver.

Jonty Gillingham held it all together as the older Oliver narrating his story and Alex Richards and Chris North played the opposing roles of good and evil – the iniquitous Monks and the kind-hearted Mr Brownlow.

I was delighted with the performances of all cast members from the youngest pauper in the Workhouse to the deliciously over the top performances of Emily Leeson and Andrew Williams as Mr and Mrs Bumble and Joe Porter as Noah Claypole.  All tried their best and all gave their all on performance nights.  Well done!

Mention also has to be made of the awesome backstage crew whose set changes were a joy to behold.  There are too many people to mention here but you know who you are and the production team and I thank you sincerely.

Give us a couple of weeks and we will be starting to think about next year’s show…

Mrs Julie Walsh

We hope you enjoy the photos and thanks to Scarborough News for some of the additional photos which have recently been in the paper and online.