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Junior School Choir at Eskdale Festival of Arts 2016

Bramcote Junior School Choir have recently achieved success in a local arts festival.  Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the Junior School have been training hard since the start of the academic year for their first foray into the arena of competitive choral singing.

Mr Richardson, Head of Junior School Music, has taken weekly rehearsals with the choir to prepare them for three competitive classes in the Eskdale Festival of the Arts – a celebration of music and the spoken word in the North East.  The choir was entered in the Choral Recital class, where they were required to sing two contrasting songs, our choices being Si, Si, Si, a traditional Congolese song and Nursery Rhyme Nonsense, a quirky take on some well-known children’s favourites.  In addition, we entered the Folk Song class, singing Mary Mack/Furrem Be Me Heen (Scottish/Gaelic traditional songs) and the Sacred Music class, singing Wade on the Water.

Despite this only being their first time singing outside the relative comfort of the school walls, they achieved first place in the Recital and Folk classes and were ranked a creditable third in the Sacred class.

All the children really entered into the spirit of the event and displayed a keen competitive edge.  They enjoyed the morning out at the Pavilion Complex in Whitby and are now looking for a prominent position in the Junior School to display their well-earned certificates!

It is rumoured that an issue was raised at the recent School Council meeting – following the success of the Junior Choir, the Infants have asked if they might be permitted to enter the competition in 2017… this space.  A ‘whole school’ outing might be in order!