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FFF - Fantastic location, Fabulous weather, Fossil hunting!

What a fantastic morning experienced by four adults and fourteen boys and girls. As something different, Mr Davey suggested going fossil hunting for a Saturday Activity Morning at Stoupe Brow, a bay just south of Robin Hood’s Bay, an area renowned for fossils.

After meeting at school at 9.00 a.m. we travelled north towards Ravenscar where we turned off the minor road and onto a small track. Mr Davey had warned me that the drive was ‘interesting’ and it certainly was! Not only was the track narrow and in places very steep but the overnight low temperatures had left sections of the track somewhat shiny!

Once on the beach Mr Davey explained about fossils and fossil hunting before we all started scouring the beach. It wasn’t long before finds were made including devils toe nails, crinoids and ammonites. There was certainly a competitive feel to the hunt; who could find the best fossil, the biggest ammonite, the most complete fossil? We were blessed with a beautiful clear morning, blue skies and sunshine, although it was very cold, and the views along the coast were quite breath-taking. In between scouring the beach and eating chocolate snacks the time flew by and after two and a half hours on the beach it was time to review all the finds we had collected.

Everyone had found a fossil of one kind or another. Dominic Haley’s keen observation spotted the largest ammonite. It was the size of a large dinner plate and was part of the wave-cut platform exposed at low tide. Other prize winning finds were; Smallest and most well defined fossil - Emma Guthrie, biggest loose Ammonite -Bel Howden-Ferme, smallest Crinoids - Jack Drinkwater and Charlie Allanson and best Devil’s Toe Nail - Nico Masucci.

This was a great morning’s activity and one that we will do again on another occasion.

Next SAM, this Saturday, 7 February at Flamingo Land with the giraffes!