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F1 in Schools - from design to build

All three teams have been busy this term trying to raise sponsorship, designing logos and promotional materials and engineering their cars.

The pressure has been on the design engineers Alex, Alfie and James because the deadline for submitting Autodesk CAD drawings to Yorkshire Coast College was 2 June. All three teams managed to meet this deadline and the cars are now in the process of being manufactured, the main car bodies being milled out using a CNC machine and all the ancillaries such as wings, wheels and nose cones being printed on a 3D printer.

We have had some good news about the race day, in that all three of our teams will be able to enter their cars and race against the other schools. So an internal selection procedure will no longer be necessary. The next stage is for the teams to get their cars assembled in time for the track test day on 18 June, when they will be able to see how their cars perform on the track and see if any modifications are necessary.  In parallel with this, the Graphic Designers and Resource Engineers will need to be getting their portfolios and pit displays ready for the big day on 25 June.

The teams will soon be launching Twitter feeds and their own websites, so watch out for those!