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Design and Technology in 2015

The Design and Technology Department continues to develop and expand at some pace!  We are now able to offer Design and Technology as a specialist subject to Years 3 - 9 in curriculum time and Year 10 as part of the Enrichment Programme.  We aim to introduce ‘Resistant Materials’ as a GCSE course, if all goes according to plan, from September 2015.

In order to give all students the appropriate opportunity to experience the vast range of activities, which this subject has to offer, we have had to invest in new tools, machines, essential equipment and a range of materials.

Recent developments have included the re-commissioning of the Foundry and Brazing Hearth, the purchase of a new Enamelling Kiln, Sanding machine, Scroll saw and Radial Arm saw.

New drawing equipment has also been purchased and aspects of Technical Graphics are taught as preparation for the design portfolio of the AQA GCSE course,

Technical Graphics methods include Initial Ideas sheets, Working/Engineering Drawings, single and 2 point perspective 3D drawing, Isometric drawing, 1st angle Orthographic Projection, Colour rendering, light and shade application.

Here at Bramcote Junior School and Scarborough College, all students are taught the ‘Design Method’.  This includes research related to the given brief, initial ideas generated from the research, working/engineering drawings, construction phase, testing and possible modification, lists of tools used, materials used, components used, list of detailed construction method and evaluation of the completed product.

All students are encouraged to use their own IT devices in lessons and for homework.  Tasks are set to emphasise the importance of BYOD exercises from multi media research to actual design and work presentations.

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment are important aspects of this subject, and a safe environment is essential if our students are to fulfil their potential in Technology.  Some lessons are dedicated to the immediate environment of the Technology room and all are made aware of the appropriate workshop code of conduct. Protective clothing, masks and goggles are essential as are our extraction and ventilation systems, which are in operation at all times.

Current projects by year group are listed below-

Year 3  Extending Robot Arm

Year 4    Levers and Linkages

Year 5   Clocks Design Project

Year 6  Reverse Switch Fairground Project

Year 7  Wooden Pen/Pencil Holder

Year 8  Acrylic Digital Device Holder with polished or sandblasted finish.

Year 9  Brazing project in copper with choice of finishing from paint to enamel.

Year 10 Technology Club-Wooden furniture, work station stools, Enamel projects, Optical sensor Tracking vehicles.

This is an exciting time for the D&T department and we are all looking forward to seeing some innovative and exciting design projects coming from our pupils in the coming years.

Mr N H Pettitt

I/C Design and Technology