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Big Fish, Little Fish, Thin Fish, Fat fish, Spotty Fish, Spikey Fish….. all from clay!

What a fantastic morning of learning and creating with fun and friendship! Mrs Corich-Hewison is a master of inspiration. The morning started with her reading an infant story from a large picture book to the pupils. The book was ‘Hooray for Fish’ by Lucy Cousins, and in it there are many different fish, all beautifully illustrated with great descriptive names.

The aim of the book and story was to inspire the pupils into designing and then creating their own fish from clay which could them be displayed as wall plaques. As the morning progressed it was certainly clear that it worked. The content of the book, together with the enthusiasm of Mrs Corich-Hewison, soon resulted in some unique, interesting and beautifully designed fish. There were mosaic fish, bomber fish, submarine fish, girly fish, roast chicken fish and rugby fish to name but a few!

After a break for hot chocolate with marshmallows and copious chocolate snacks it was time to transfer the designs into clay. The shapes were ‘pricked out’ into already prepared slabs of clay and then the designs were carefully cut out leaving the outline of the fish. The next stage was to add texture to the fish using a range of tools and implements.

So engrossed were the pupils in their designs and ideas that many ran out of time and the texturing was not complete. However there will be opportunities to complete the fish during the remainder of the term. I eagerly await the completed glazed designs – I am sure Nemo and his friends will appear quite boring in comparison!

Thank-you Mrs Corich-Hewison for an educational, inspirational and fun filled productive morning.