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Archers and Arrows Saturday Activity Morning

The popular Saturday Activity Mornings got under way for the Summer Term with an exciting, entertaining and educational morning led by Mr Davey, Headmaster of the Junior School.

The morning began with an introduction about different bows and their power and the history of archery in battle and sport. Mr Davey had a large collection of bows to see and everyone was able to hold them, test their strength and ask questions. It was amazing how much strength is needed to pull the bow back to be able to fire an arrow. It was then time to head out to the field to try out the different bows. Balloons and quoits were fastened onto the grass bank as targets and Mr Davey explained all about technique and safety. Mr Wilkie then informed us of the great prizes available for bursting a balloon or getting a quoit (a tube of Smarties – he is so generous!). After the first few volleys of arrows all that had been heard was the sound of the birds, Mr Davey did ‘scare’ the odd balloon but nothing had burst! However he was clearly just getting his eye in as very soon he was popping balloon after balloon – desperate for his Smarties! Clearly inspired by Mr Davey’s efforts others started popping the balloons, first Henry Chambers and then Jenny Nichols, Harrison Crowther and Jack Drinkwater all claimed Smarties for popping a balloon with an arrow fired from a bow. Josh and Joel Davey scared many of the balloons but did not manage to pop one. Josh, however did claim a prize for nudging a quoit and getting very close to balloons with many of his arrows!

As the rain began it was time to head back into school for the second part of the activity making an arrow. Mr Davey demonstrated and explained all about Dutch throwing arrows, where a length of cord is used to help launch the arrow creating greater speed and strength. The component  parts of the home-made arrow were a garden cane, a six inch nail, some insulation tape and a length of cord. The cane was cut to length and the flights cut and attached. Next the head (nail) was inserted down the cane and bound in with tape. A collar was added to act as a block for the cord and the throwing arrow was complete. It was then down to the field again to test the balance of the arrow and the skill of throwing. All managed to ‘launch’ their arrow with some success but it was a close call between Mr Davey and Josh Davey as to who threw the furthest!

This was a fantastic morning of fun where new skills were acquired, much fun had and many snacks eaten! Thank you Mr Davey, your knowledge and skills continue to amaze me!

Next activities planned : May 10th – Dance and May 17th – Swimming activity and fun in the pool.

Peter Wilkie