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App Challenge winners put their design into production with Netsells

On Thursday 5 December our four ‘App Challenge’ prize winners attended a design and programming session run by ‘Netsells’, a Scarborough based software design company . The event was held at the Scarborough Campus of Hull University which allowed the boys to use the latest Apple Mac computers. The design session was the top prize awarded for designing the best mobile phone application during Scarborough Engineering Week in October. The prize was won by Scarborough College pupils Niall Collinson and Alex Ingham for their design of an app which provides Scarborough surfers with information about tides, weather and surfing conditions. They brought along Alfie Vauvelle and James Bozeat, who won the runner-up prize for the most inventive app, and they all spent the whole day being shown how to program the winning application using industry standard software. By the end of the day they had a working prototype and submitted this to the Apple App Store to be approved. Once approved, the ‘Scarborough Surf’app will be available to download from the App Store for free and this should happen early next week. So whether you have any interest in surfing or not, why not search for ‘Scarborough Surf’ and download the app so you can see the final product for yourselves.