A brief look around

A good place to start is our academic provision.  To find out more about our Year 7, GCSEs or IB Diploma Programme, you can start by clicking on the tab Educational Journey and then scrolling down to what is relevant for you.

From what’s on offer in the classroom, it is not a huge jump to our co-curricular activities and programmes.  When it comes to our co-curricular clubs, societies and acvities, there is a lot of on offer.  By clicking on the tab Life at SC you get to find out more about our Drama department, what types of sports we play and what our music lessons are like.

If you are thinking about boarding at Scarborough College, then you might like to know what our boarding houses look like  – and the people that run these boarding houses!  By clicking on Boarding, you can see what they look like on the out- and inside.

A virtual tour and our admissions

For a quick look around, some good video content and further information about the various places around our campus and boarding houses, the Virtual Tour should probably be your next stop.

The Virtual Tour is hidden under the Admissions tab.  You might also be interested in finding out about our Scholarships, booking an Open Day or our school fees.

And finally

Still like to know more?  At the bottom of each page, you can find our our Facebook and Twitter feeds but why not check out our YouTube page?  Another excellent page to visit when you have a few minutes is our Blog with interesting content behind the scenes of Scarborough College.

Of course there’s more but by now you should have a good idea about what Scarborough College has to offer.  Please Contact Us to get a Registration Form, to start your admissions process or simply to chat to us and see if Scarborough College is the right fit for you.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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