Myths in Year 7 English

by Will Atkison, Year 7

In the thriving city of Ancient Rome, in one particular building, the gladiators rose up and out into the blazing heat of the sun, from the dark and damp room underneath the ground. Spectators took their seats on the stone benches that were placed all around the colosseum. The touch of the cold stone helped temper the heat of that day. The nauseating smell of blood dances around the building from the carcasses of the fallen gladiators.
Whilst the fighters arose, the crowd roared in excitement and all that could be heard was them, not even a volcano erupting would be as loud as this particular group of spectators. An eager fifteen year old boy was watching in awe to see who was fighting who that day, but then when he saw their faces, he was shocked into silence. His own two brothers were forced to fight each other.

Twenty minutes later a body was thrown onto the floor and from it a pool of dark red blood spewed from it. His oldest brother had died. The crowd cheered for his brother, but they had no idea that those two were related. Later that day, the fifteen year old boy, Zachary decided to leave and create a life of his own after seeing his very own brothers fight to the death.

After leaving Rome, he had a second thought, maybe he should stay, but he decided against it. He kept wandering around, and he eventually spent all night wandering! As soon as the sun emerged, his legs gave way and he instantly collapsed to the floor. About an hour later he heard two voices, though he was too tired to open his eyes he knew, whoever they are, he could trust them.

It felt like only four seconds of sleep but was probably about four hours. He awoke to an unfamiliar place, with two figures looming over him. One had an angelic voice and the other, a cheerful one.

When Zachary decided to stand up, the figures suddenly disappeared into a puff of smoke. He looked around to see a beautiful golden city sat upon a sea of clouds. A warm feeling spread out through his body and the heat of the day was just right, not too hot but also not too cold. The sound of a faint orchestra of harps could be heard. He took a step then another, and another, and some more and before he knew it he was at the shining golden gates at the foot of the city. Zachary felt like he had been there before, but he can’t have, he has no memory of the sorts of this place. He had a feeling that this place was his home.

He entered the city and was immediately hit with an overwhelming feeling in his head, everything went dark and it felt like he was travelling at five hundred miles an hour! And then, all of a sudden, the strange sensation stopped and his vision came back, and what he saw was a man, who looked very wise, powerful and strong, sitting upon a golden throne. He had white hair and was wearing a white and golden robe. He was also holding something that looked like a lightning bolt in his left hand, and a bunch of grapes in his left.

The man greeted Zachary and said that his name was Zeus, the King of the Gods. Zachary couldn’t speak out of sheer disbelief. Zeus understood and led him to a dark room which led to some stairs, at the bottom of the stairs there was another door, he opened it and pushed Zachary through. After two seconds Zeus followed, but when he followed Zeus had a strange red aura around him and after a flash of crimson red light, the strong zeus transformed into a shrivelled old man!

The man said that he tricked Zachary and his name was actually Hades the King of the underworld! The strange sensation that Zachary had had earlier happened again! But this time he was taken to the foot of a massive, towering volcano! Hades said that the volcano was called Mt. Rendrok and it had been dormant for three hundred years, so it couldn’t erupt. And with that Hades disappeared into a puff of red smoke.
A massive meteorite like rock flew suddenly out of the Volcano, smoke followed with an odour that could kill a vulture. More and more rocks flew out of Mt. Rendrok. Strangely, the rocks all suddenly stopped from spilling out, and a massive roar echoed out of the Volcano.

Boom! A colossal explosion came from the mouth of the Volcano and the meteorite-looking rocks flew out once again, but this time the rocks leaped out with a massive figure following. The thing jolted itself straight upwards to block the sun so all that could be seen was its silhouette. It slowly hovered itself down to stand on the Volcano. Now its features were visible. The thing was a chimaera.

The creature had a sort of giant rat body with multi-coloured fur, and big blood stains splattered on its body. A terrifying cockerel head was sitting on the thing’s neck, it had a golden beak that was as sharp as a samurai’s blade, with another smaller blood stain on the tip. As well as its flaring nostrils it also has hetrochromic goat eyes.

Suddenly two figures teleported in front of Zachary and they charged at the beast. One of the figures had a massive battleaxe, and the other had a crossbow that looked like it was made out of sapphires and diamonds. The one with the battleaxe ran up the volcano as quick as a flash and strook the beast right in the neck, the other one jumped in the air and shot fifty silver arrows in the space of two seconds. The beast fell back after those fatal blows and it fell right in the volcano!

After it submerged itself in the lava the two figures came back to Zachary and said to him three words: take us back. After he heard that, Zachary started to glow blue and gold and the sensation came back, but he was used to it by now. He opened his eyes, and he was back where he met Hades disguised as Zeus and saw Zeus on the throne. He was weary that it might be Hades, but when he spoke, Zachary immediately knew he was the real deal.

The real Zeus told Zarchary that he found out what Hades did, from the two figures that saved Zachary, and stripped Hades of his powers and banished him for all of eternity. He also said that Zachary was able to glow and take himself and the other two back because Zachary had been there before and that he was, in fact, a demi-god!

And so Zachary stayed in the land of the gods, the golden city, for the rest of his life.


Adorsseus and the Serpentonus

by Hadley McTurk, Year 7

In ancient Greek times, there was a young, brave prince named Adorsseus. Prince Adorsseus was the son of King Odinesseus IV and Queen Saradesseus II of Ador. And he had a long lost brother called Prince Radecusseus. Radecusseus was just four years old when the land of Paredus attacked the land of Ador. In the attack Radecusseus was kidnapped, never to be seen again.

The land of Paredus was home to a powerful but bizarre creature called the Serpentonus. This creature was the leaders of Paredus, King Paredesseus VII and Queen Caradosius III’s, bodyguard and most trusted soldier.

It was the day of the great fight between Ador and Paredus. Every year the monarchs of each land send fifty brave soldiers to battle. The battle takes place at a neutral ground called Bacardosis. And every year Paredus sends the Serpentonus to feast on its opponents. So like normal Ador sent fifty young warriors to fight the forty-nine Paredus soldiers and undoubtedly the mighty Serpentonus. However, Prince Adorsseus had had enough of Paredus dominating the fight between the lands. So, he nominated himself as one of the warriors. A few days later, Adorsseus and his fellow forty-nine warriors set sail to Bacardosis.

After a week of long and tiring sailing, the Ador army arrived on Bacardosis. Prince Adorsseus and his comrades were absolutely ready for the long-awaited battle. But something didn’t quite add up. The Paredus army always seemed to beat the Ador army to Bacardosis, but they were nowhere to be seen. Until, out of nowhere, the ground started to shake, the animals fell to the ground and leaked their blood and…

BOOM! The Serpentonus and its fellow soldiers emerged from the hole as dark as the night sky.

The Serpentonus’s teeth were daggers, cutting any threat to its survival. Its green and gold striped scaly skin was incredibly rough and its ruby, raging, red eyes were like pools of blood. Also its lizard-like tail was as smooth as the skin of a plum and its lion-like claws were razors.

The Serpentonus let out an almighty ‘HISS’ and ran right towards the Ador army. Fourteen soldiers were unexpectedly gobbled up in one go by the enormous creature. Then another fourteen. Then another. Then finally the rest of the Ador army were eaten. But behind the creature’s back, the last remaining Ador soldier, Prince Adorsseus, was killing the whole of the Paredus army. Until there was just him and the Serpentonus left. After a long battle, Prince Adorsseus thrashed his fully gold sword down the creature’s throat. The Serpentonus had finally been defeated. Ador had finally won the battle.

When Adorsseus got back to Ador, he was greeted with huge crowds but not his family. King Odinesseus IV and Queen Saradesseus II, Prince Adorsseus’s mother and father had died. The crowds weren’t just cheering and clapping because of the battle, they were cheering and clapping because Adorsseus was their new King. He wasn’t Prince Adorsseus anymore, he was King Adorsseus XI. And he was a very successful king not only because he ruled for seventy-four years but because Ador won the battle versus Paredus every year during his reign.



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