Meet the Marketing and Admissions Team

The Marketing and Admissions Team is responsible for all communication with prospective families and agents.  There are two Registrars, a Marketing Manager and a Director of Marketing and Admissions.  The main task of our Registrars is to be a point of contact for all prospective families and to ensure a smooth admissions procedure.  If you have any questions about joining Scarborough College or booking a visit, you can contact our Registrars.

If you would like to start the admissions process, please contact Mrs Amy Bays or Mr Mark Langley or visit our Admissions page.  For more information about scholarships and bursaries, please visit this page.  Our school fees are on our School Fees page.  If you are interested in representing Scarborough College as an agent, you can contact Mr Remco Weeda.  Alternatively, please visit our dedicated agent page.

In case you would like to find out more about the individual members of the team, please click on their bio link below.  The box on the right tells you who to contact for enquiries and applications.

Who to Contact

Contact Mrs Amy Bays for enquiries and applications for Little Owls Nursery, Prep School and Years 7 and 8. Contact Mr Mark Langley for enquiries and applications for Years 9 and up, as well as boarding enquiries.

Mrs Amy Bays
Registrar Prep School, Years 7 and 8

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Mr Mark Langley
Registrar Senior School. Years 9 - 13

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Mrs Zoë Harrison
Marketing Manager

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Mr Remco Weeda
Director of Marketing and Admissions

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