Lockdown Literature

With so much beautiful poetry being shared, we thought it would be appropriate to do a separate blog entry on all the wonderful literature that has been created by our talented pupils. Below is a random sample of videos and text for you to enjoy. Thank you to Abi, Darcy, Libby and Rebecca in year 7 and Lucy in Year 8. Thank you to Jessica in Year 7 for the pebble pic.




Tough Times

During this time it’s ok to feel sad,
To feel alone and trapped,
It’s ok to feel hopeless and confused.
But make this time last and make every day have a great vibe,
There’s no need to hide.
You’re not alone,
All you have to do is stay home.
I swear it’s everywhere.

You can make a difference,
By giving people guidance.
Save people from being taken away by an ambulance,
And perform an act of brilliance.

Captain Tom ”The sun will shine on you and the clouds will go away” while wearing his blazer and tie and showing his medals he earned back in the day.
Everyone needs a spirit like Tom.
A spirit that will change from worst to the best and the dark to light.
Perseverance is all you need, keep your head up and take everything stride by stride.

Send photos to your friends, have virtual parties and tell each other funny stories.
Think about those humans dressed in blue, the ones that are saving our lives just for people like you.
Clap every Thursday night for those people saving lives because they’re the people who are keeping us alive.
One more message I’d like you to hear is to keep smiling because I
assure you everything will clear.



Defying Gravity

I don’t feeleth the same now, I am changed
I’m fed up of being told what to do
If I turneth now I doth come deranged
I trusteth myself the right thing to do

You think you’re amazing but that’s untrue
Your orders I can followeth no more
I have no fear of losing love for you
All hurting from you I can now ignore

Glinda we are invincible toge’er
We could be the world’s greatest, strongest team
Our biggest dreams could come true with a prayer
Working together glorious we seem

We could begin defying gravity
We are flying, defying gravity



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