Yorkshire Grit

Yorkshire Grit at Scarborough College

For over 120 years, Scarborough College has provided an education for girls and boys from local North and East Yorkshire families which, beyond their excellent exam results, has provided them with the character, tenacity and resilience to make a success of themselves in the world beyond school. Recognising the importance of life beyond the classroom, Yorkshire Grit was added to the timetable.

What is Yorkshire Grit

Throughout the history of the College, Scardeburgians have been known and valued for their strong character traits. In addition to their excellent academic credentials, pupils have made a difference in the world because of their can-do attitude, their resilience and their sense of humour. We recognise these traits in the landscape around us and in the natural energy inherent in Yorkshire folk.

Yorkshire Grit was designed to reinforce these characteristics within the children local to the College and to introduce them to the children from beyond the county, so that they discover there is a little bit of a Yorkshire in each and every one of us. Yorkshire Grit activities challenge Scarborough College’s pupils to test their own resilience in environments that may seem quite alien to them.

This includes all pupils taking part in yoga and mindfulness but also watersports and land-based activities both indoor and outdoor. The impact on our pupils is often a look of uncertainty and perhaps the occasional shriek of horror at first. The worry of what they are about to face. Eventually, however, these are replaced with howls of laughter, the shrieks of delight and looks of determination as the activity progresses.

Pupils talk about what they have achieved with enthusiasm and they move around the school with a real buzz of anticipation for the next time and the next set of Yorkshire Grit activities; tackling everyday challenges in the classroom and on the games fields with renewed determination and a confident ‘can-do’ approach.




Yorkshire Grit options

Designed for all pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9; Yorkshire Grit runs one afternoon every week and aims to challenge them in a variety of ways. Activities are specifically selected to build self-confidence, discover hidden talent and passions, as well as improve mental and physical well-being.

Pupils can choose from a menu that features sailing at Wykeham Lakes, surfing on the North Bay, boot camps, rock climbing and expedition training. Other activities include public speaking training, mindfulness and dealing with stress.






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