Enrichment Programme

The EP programme at Scarborough College

The Enrichment Programme at Scarborough College is a diverse enhancement to the rigorous academic timetable, which all pupils are fully involved in. From Reception through to Sixth Form, pupils have the opportunity to choose additional activities, clubs and societies during their lunch time or as an after-school option. Pupils choose a minimum of two activities a week and most pupils choose considerably more. The EP timetables change termly.

EP schedule

Activities take place outside of lesson times, at lunchtimes and after school. The EP schedule, as it’s known, runs from 4.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. on four days a week. The College ensures the opportunities available are wide-ranging. Each pupil’s Tutor will encourage individuals to have a balanced Enrichment profile.

The Enrichment Programme changes termly and all students must sign up for at least two activities that they will undertake on a weekly basis. At least one of these must be a physical activity.

EP options

Please note that the following activities represent a sample only.  Activities vary according to the seasons and particular interests of staff and students.

Sport: Rugby, Hockey, Running Club, Swimming, Dance, Zumba

Languages: French Conversation, Spanish Conversation, Ab Initio Spanish Conversation (beginners)

The Arts: Art, Choir,  School Production, Band, Costume & Props

Others: Duke of Edinburgh training, Touch Typing, Geography in the News, Debating Society, Maths Extension, Maths Booster, Reading Booster, Supervised Prep, FPS Computer Games, Calligraphy, ICT Prep Club, Science Club, Wargames, Sixth Form Tutor time, Chess, Film Club and Engineering Club.



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