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Welcome to the Pre-School

I am delighted to welcome you to the Little Owls section of the website and hope this page will inspire you to visit us in person at our lovely purpose-built facilities.

In Little Owls Pre-School, we combine all the advantages of a conventional nursery with a wonderful range of learning opportunities and play to provide boys and girls from the age of 3 with essential skills.  As our youngest pupils continue to thrive and develop their self-esteem, their all-round progress is best summed up in our most recent Inspection Report: “an outstanding start is provided in the Foundation Stage”.

We cannot underestimate the importance of these early years in the life of a child.  At Little Owls Pre-School, every day is a new adventure.  Creativity and imagination flourish as the children learn and play together, becoming absorbed in the wonder of discovery and excited by their achievements.

In a lively, family atmosphere, our dedicated staff ensure that each child enjoys a happy introduction to school life.  At this age, with the benefit of a 1:8 staff to child ratio, children are particularly inquisitive, eager and receptive to new experiences and as they progress.

Please contact us to arrange a visit, we’ll be happy to show you around.

Jackie Hunter, Head of the Pre-School


At a glance

As an independent pre-school, at Little Owls we can define our own curriculum.  We fully support the Department of Education’s Early Years programme, though we supplement this in many different and unique ways.

A Little Owl day

Although we provide a structured environment with daily routines, there is not a set timetable at this stage in the children’s education.  We encourage children to do what interests and inspires them.  There is a free flow system that operates all day, so the children can choose to go outside to play when they like.  We serve a hot lunch at 12.00 p.m. in the Little Owls dining room every day for those children who attend the morning sessions.  We have snacks and drinks available throughout the day. 

There is flexibility every day for different types of activities inside and outside.  Staff and children take advantage of the changes in weather and local events that may be happening and are suitable for the children to take part in.  There are also trips and visits throughout the year, such as visits to Playdale Farm, the local fire brigade.  In addition, we invite a lot of visitors to the nursery.



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