First Impressions of the Sixth Form

By Ingrid and Patricia (Year 12)

Walking into Scarborough College on the first day of Year 12, one is greeted by faces both familiar and new, crowding the study centre excited to begin a new academic year.

“Sixth form is scary,” one student tells me. “The biggest leap I’ve ever taken.”

The Pros and the Cons

Even in the first assembly, the fresh-faced Year 12s have to be warned that the Sixth Form is “not easy, and does not pretend to be.”  The diploma demands hard work from the very first day.  The sixth form is undoubtedly very different from Year 11.  We are granted much more responsibility and trust; the younger students look up to the entire Senior School, but our status as Sixth Formers is more clearly demarcated than any of the younger years’.  All the privileges that come with being in the diploma speak of a greater leadership role within the school.

First Impressions of the Sixth form

Connections between Day and Boarding Students

Connections are already being formed between boarding and day pupils.  Smiles greet you everywhere and goodwill is felt when entering any room.  The warmth between people encourages you; it is easy to believe that everything is going to be fine, despite the challenges that the IB Diploma Programme poses.  From the first day, we were assured that there are a lot of people we can rely on, and we were encouraged to talk about our feelings and any problem that may appear so that it is dealt with immediately.  Although the natural emotions of missing our family and loved ones sometimes make their presence noticed, it is relieving to know that there are such caring and friendly people here at Scarborough College to support us through our journey into becoming mature and independent people.

Being part of a new community is always a bit challenging.  However, the boarding family makes sure that we adapt to our new life here at Scarborough in the most pleasant way possible. There is a wide range of activities organised especially for boarders to offer us the chance to spend enjoyable moments alongside the people from our own house, as well as those from the other houses.  The boarding house schedule keeps us engaged in different occupations besides ensuring that we have periods dedicated especially to study, as are our preparation sessions that take place from Sunday to Thursday.

Day and Boarding Students

A Varied Curriculum

Academically, of course, the IB diploma course is much more taxing than GCSEs.  There is a heightened sense of tension that comes with the importance of the two years before graduation.  Although we are encouraged to do our best in school, health and wellbeing are not neglected. Every week, there is the opportunity to play a variety of sports, which are a great source of energy and conducive to team building.

Prefect duty is an exciting new part of the week.  All of Year 12 is placed on a rota and given the opportunity to assist teachers, looking grandiose in red robes as we patrol the hallways. This responsibility gives all the new sixth formers a greater sense of accountability, and speaks to our maturity.  With the first two weeks of the school year just ending, and as we settle into our new roles, I can see my classmates growing increasingly comfortable with our new freedom and even becoming used to the larger workload. As the year progresses, I am confident that it will be an incredibly fulfilling one.




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