Festive Writing Fun with Y5

As part of the countdown to the holiday season, Year 5 were asked to imagine and write about a Christmas scene. In the prompt they were asked to include some traditional festive favourites, such as their favourite sweet treats, Father Christmas, a roaring fire, and of course presents under the tree! 

Encouraged by English and Drama teacher, Miss Sarah Cox, the results were the pieces of beautiful descriptive writing below – I’m sure you’ll agree, the students all did very well and we’re looking forward to reading what they write next.  

Christmas Writing – Year 5 English

In the fireplace, you could see the logs burning. The mince pies smelled good, but they were for Father Christmas! The lights on the Christmas tree were as bright as the guiding star. The cookies were vegan (so no eggs, milk, honey or butter). Slowly, the girl went to sleep on Christmas Eve.

By Aurelia Ibbott-Cook and Asha Lewis

Inside the fireplace, the fire crackled with red and pure warmth. Next to the fire, fairy lights glowed with might. The archway above the fire was like the entrance to a Roman temple. The Christmas tree was beautiful (but it cost a LOT of money). Almost like a barrier, the fireplace concealed the fire inside it.

By Alex Artley and Leo Taylor

The Christmas tree, in the corner, shines like a star. The mantelpiece is alight, but only with stringy tinsel. The flames on the fire are as red as a volcano. There are also blue flames (only certain people can see them). Amazingly, Santa managed to find this cosy living room in the huge city.

By Rupert Thomas-Hogarth

It was Christmas Eve and it was quiet all around, apart from the bells ringing on Santa’s sleigh. Hopefully, if you have been good, you might have presents under the tree.  It was dark in the town and the only light was from the moon and the stars that shone like diamonds in the sky. Santa’s mince pies were smelling amazing. Suddenly, the smell disappeared! Santa had eaten them! Had Santa given me presents?

By Poppy Kench and Isabel Palmer

Father Christmas soared over the flooded field and fantastic forests. Hopefully, he might deliver all the presents like he has done every other year. He was so fast, like a rocket in the sky. He landed at the house where the small boy slept. Then the little boy asked his mum, “Has Father Christmas been?”

By Noah Adams and Jack Sheridan-Barrington



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