Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

Welcome to a Senior School that embraces and fosters academic excellence in an atmosphere of involvement, diversity and care.

Within the Senior School we make sure we keep opening the doors to exciting, challenging and adventurous opportunities so that our pupils can thrive and develop.

Whether it be our nationally recognised Yorkshire Grit programme, our demanding science curriculum or our competitiveness in sports; Scarborough College does not just offer more, it offers more for a wide range of talents and skills sets. It is an approach we are known for and one of which we are rightfully proud.

Our senior school is also the point at which we welcome our international and domestic boarders to Scarborough College, bringing with them a wealth of new cultural approaches to learning and living. Within this international environment, our pupils can start embracing the idea that the world around them is only as big and as daunting as they want it to be. The rest of the world, if they want to explore it, is right on the Scarborough doorstep.

As with all other departments of the College, it is open day every day and there is only one way to feel and understand what it is like to be pupil here. Come and visit a taster day or come and explore your own opportunities during one of the open days or other public events. We look forward to welcoming you to Scarborough College.

Guy Emmett, Headmaster


At a glance

The Senior School is a world of opportunities and challenges that pupils can grab and explore. While Years 10 and 11 prepare pupils for Sixth Form, the lower years are awash with possibilities to develop the academic mind, the adventurous spirit and the competitive nature.

Within many abundantly resourced and state-of-the-art classrooms, we ensure that whatever a pupil’s choice of subjects, they can thrive in their pursuit of academic rigour. Sports are an instrumental part of each day and many pupils will receive their invitation to represent the school in one or more of its main sports.

Years 10 – 11 & GCSEs

Scarborough College has consistently delivered outstanding GCSE results and has often excelled in achieving high rates of value added, both per pupil as well as per subject. For more information on GCSE results, please click on the link.

During Years 10 and 11, we will assess pupils’ desire and suitability to continue to Year 12 and the International Baccalaureate programme. The IB preparation programme is designed specifically to guide pupils  and to ensure that they are familiar with the demands of the IB diploma programme.



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