Drama Trip Year 11 and Lower Sixth

When the Year 11 and Lower Sixth take their seats at the Fortune Theatre in London, for what is arguably the highlight of this year’s drama trip, they will be about to watch a play with a real Scarborough connection.  Not only does Robin Herford, director of the stage adaption of Stephen Mallatratt’s spine chiller, have a connection to Stephen Joseph Theatre.  Mallatrat himself spent many years at the famous Scarborough theatre.

Controlled Horror

Whether our students will be thinking about the wonderful connections with the town remains to be seen.  After all, Woman in Black is not your everyday feel-good or laugh-out-loud.  It’s more of an edge-of-your-seat case study of atmosphere, illusion and controlled horror.

When a lawyer reaches out for help with a curse he believes has been cast over him and his family, it starts innocently enough.  Sure, there’s that spectre of a woman in black but the young actor is sceptical and doesn’t believe the lawyer needs to have his fears exorcised.  However, as they venture deep into the lawyer’s story, they find themselves caught up in a world of eerie marshes and moaning winds.

But First… Shopping

Luckily, Ms Galway has thought about easing in our intrepid explorers.  The West End musical Wicked is to serve as the warm-up act.  That, and a visit to Covent Garden for some retail therapy.  Catching up with some students ahead of the drama trip, they informed us that shopping will be high on the agenda.

Others are looking ahead to their Drama GCSE later this academic year.  ‘We will be asked questions about the Woman in Black,’ says one year 11 student.  ‘So even though it’s going to be fun, we also have to think about the technical aspects.’

‘I’ve seen Wicked before,’ says another. ‘I am really interested in finding out how it works from a more technical point of view.  I won’t be watching it as much as a spectator but as a critic.’

Video Diary

Two students have asked Ms Galway and the Marketing Department if they could shoot a video diary.  Students Molly and Toby had two meetings with the department to discuss their storyboard.  Although it is not usually the school policy, the preparations impressed Ms Galway and Mrs Harrison so much, they agreed to break protocol.

You can follow the video diary live on the Scarborough College Instagram page.  Molly and Toby will post their video diary as they board the train to London, visit the sights and analyse the productions.



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