At Bramcote Junior School, sport plays a central role in the School's mission to support and nurture individual pupils with diverse needs. Bramcote sport develops pupils' confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus, and exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities.

At the core of our games programme is a team-sports ethos, promoting physical health and social interaction, and providing every pupil with the opportunity to represent the School. We are proud to have games lessons every day and these lessons  allow  every pupil to comfortably engage in a major sport while sampling other sports and activities within the PE and Games curriculum.  We also take full advantage of our swimming pool and our qualified staff are able to teach beginners through to stroke techniques for those competing in galas.

The major sports for the boys are rugby, hockey and cricket, and for the girls, hockey, netball and rounders. Matches are played from Year 3 upwards against schools such as St Martin’s Ampleforth, Lyndhurst, Terrington Hall and Hull Collegiate. We also take an active role in the Primary Schools’ District competitions. In each term and sport, the Bramcote games staff endeavour to ensure that each child will have a chance to represent their House or School at some level.


At Bramcote we follow a fully structured swimming program throughout the year; with each child right through the school from Reception to Year 6, having the opportunity to swim at least once a week. From Reception to Year 2 the emphasis is on water confidence, enjoyment and safety. The non-swimmers are taught in small groups and slowly encouraged to swim without the need for armbands or other floating aids. The improvers and competent swimmers are taught how to improve their swimming technique.

In the Junior School the pupils in Years 3 to 6 build on what they have learnt in the Infants. All four strokes are analysed and pupils are encouraged to become competent in all strokes. Other swimming skills are introduced, such as diving, sculling, starts and turns. Other elements such as personal survival, water polo, synchronised swimming and water aerobics are taught. As they become stronger swimmers, an element of competition is introduced as they learn to race and take part in relays. House swimming competitions are held each term and there is the opportunity to join the after school swimming club, held each week.

Wednesday afternoon activities include swimming for some pupils; one term this may include an intensive improvement course, another term swimming badges may be practised and awarded. A Saturday morning swimming special is usually held each term, where pupils can learn some synchronised swimming moves and then put on a show for each other.