All children in Years 4, 5 and 6 benefit from a specialist Art teacher and use of the senior school Art facilities.  There is a strong focus on technique based on the work of famous artists such as Gaudi and Artistic Movements such as Expressionism.

The textiles option within the Enrichment Programme has been a real success and students have gone from designing their colour textile print to completing a final print.   The group then turned these into pillow cases developing sewing skills such as ironing and pinning seams and straight sewing on a sewing machine.

Pottery Activity group consists of some very dedicated and talented artists! They develop many new skills and learn to work the clay to remove any air bubbles, use the slab technique with hessian, guides and rollers.  They learn all about cross hatching and using slip to join clay and they also work on tiles and with the coil technique!  In the classroom all of these skills may be used at the same time as each student works on their own unique piece...