Getting muddy and sun burnt at 2.30 a.m. – The Lyke Wake Walk

For many years, the Lyke Wake Walk has served as a Scarborough College tradition on the Sixth Form calendar.  To those who have never heard of this, the Lyke Wake Walk is a challenging – some might say: gruelling – 40-mile hike across very uneven terrain that must be completed within a period of 24 hours.  The walk crossed the North Yorkshire moors from east to west, starting in Osmotherley in the Hambleton Hills and ending in Ravenscar on the coast.  The walk can be done in the opposite direction and the College looks to have all students completing it before 10.00 p.m.  According to the Lyke Wake Club, there is no set route, though Mr Robson has briefed all staff and students with plenty of information and there will be plenty of scheduled aid stations along the way.

Almost 50 Sixth Form students have signed up this year and there will be two members of staff who will complete the course, in addition to many members of staff helping out on certain sections along the route and many more assisting at the various aid stations.  In partnership with the newly formed students’ Charities Committee, the Sixth Formers have decided to walk the LWW for charity and money can be donated to the four Academic Houses that are represented by the students.  Traditionally, not all students will be able to finish the walk and the noise, banter and friendly competition between the representatives of the four houses has already begun.  Which House will finish first, which House will finish last and – most importantly – which house will have the most students completing the trial.

To add to the rivalry, we have asked four spokespeople of Armstrong, Cooper, Crews and Hornby to introduce themselves and explain why they are putting themselves through the ordeal of walking through mud and grass for over 40 miles and what they are raising money for.  Four Just Giving pages have been set up, so you can decide to donate to your House of choice.


Hi, I’m Edward and I’m in the lower sixth. Since we were told about the Lyke wake Walk there’s been a huge amount of excitement and nervousness surrounding the topic whenever it’s brought up.  The chance to do something for charity after being cooped up for so long is a real source of motivation and I think it’s been one of the main reasons the uptake has been so large this year.

The challenge of walking 42 miles in a single day is already a big one, but I’m sure for many people in my year the prospect of waking up at 2:30am is equally as daunting!  We’re all nervously excited and I’m sure the feeling of accomplishment after we complete the walk will be reward enough for the challenge of the walk.


My name’s Rosie and I’m really looking forward to taking part in the Lyke Wake Walk and thankful to be arranging the fundraising.  I love walking and hikes, ever since I started DofE at 13 doing my Bronze I have been excited by the challenge.  I’m doing the Lyke Wake Walk because I love to take part in college traditions, and to fundraise for a charity which supports many different people and is a really great cause.  One thing I am not looking forward to however is sunburn and getting muddy… two opposite things you only ever have to think about at the same time when walking in the North East!


Hi I’m Erin.  There are a couple of reasons as to why I want to do the walk, one being the challenge because I never back down from a challenge.  Another reason is that I’ve had quite a tough past few weeks so it’s an opportunity for me to just have an entire day where I can focus on something else and have fun with my mates.

I think it’s a brilliant event, it’s a true challenge for a good cause and it’s done safely and with the students wellbeing at the forefront of the organisation.  It brings the whole year together through everyone supporting each other to help as many people finish as possible, but also, this year raise as much money as possible for the penny appeal.


Hi there , my name is Colette and I am head of Hornby house.  I have decided to take part in the Lyke wake walk because I think it’s a really fun and exciting opportunity to get out into the local countryside with my friends and enjoy a day’s walking. The aspect I’m most nervous about is being left behind, as someone who is very small, I often find myself at the back  running to keep up with everyone else!  I’m really excited to see some of the local countryside and get to know my local area better.  I think this is going to be very challenging because it is going to require a huge amount of perseverance and effort to try and complete it, but I am positive that I can do the best I can and help support the Penny appeal, a wonderful charity that builds wells for villages in rural Asia.  I wish the best of luck to everyone taking part!

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